Paval Reethe was a lieutenant with the Theramore Isle military before deserting and taking refuge in the wilderness of the Dustwallow Marsh. To sustain himself while in hiding, he resorted to stealing supplies from the ogres of Brackenwall Village — a move that prompted Krog to send an ogre named Ogron to track Paval Reethe down in order to recover the supplies.

Paval Reethe was also implicated in the burning of the Shady Rest Inn, which left its owner homeless and insane after he watched his wife and child die in the inferno. Paval's badge was discovered along with a black shield and a set of hoofprints among the charred ruins of the inn. The burning of the inn prompted Thrall to launch an investigation into the incident, as the hoofprints implicated the Horde and thus implied that Thrall's order to leave the humans of Theramore Isle alone was violated. When Paval's involvement in the burning of the inn was discovered, Ogron was also ordered to extract any information regarding it that Paval may have had.

With the help of an unknown adventurer, Ogron tracked Paval Reethe down, demanding that he return the supplies he stole as well as release the information he had regarding the burning of the Shady Rest Inn. Unfortunately, at that time, Lieutenant Reethe was also discovered by Lieutenant Caldwell and his men, who were looking for him determined to punish him for his desertion. In the skirmish that ensued, Private Hallan killed Paval before the latter could reveal the name of the culprit responsible for the destruction of the Shady Rest Inn. Although Caldwell acted suspiciously hasty in ordering Paval Reethe killed (and thus possibly implying that Paval knew something that Caldwell wanted to remain secret forever), he, along with Private Hallan and the rest of his men, were slain in the skirmish before they could reveal any useful information.[1][2][3][4][5]


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