The log of a player following the path of Golganneth.

Paths of the Titans is a system of character progression to be introduced with Cataclysm that players will be able to take once they have reached level 85. The system will be tightly related to the profession of archaeology and players will be able to earn glyphs. These glyphs will represent a different type of glyph: the ancient glyph, they will differ from the class glyphs and cannot be provided by scribes.

Players can earn progress down any of these paths by doing things such as questing, raiding, PvP, trade skills, etc., with a possible weekly cap for maximum progress. Over time, characters will be able to unlock new ancient glyphs that will greatly benefit them.

Players earn these ancient glyphs by using the archaeology profession to recover and trade in titan artifacts. Each path will have two or three choices per rank. Respeccing will be possible would players decide to go down another path. The possible paths are:

One example is the ancient glyph for 'battle hardened', which forces players to choose one of the three following:

  1. Bleed/stun effects by 20%
  2. Medic: bandages heal +30% or fortification: nearby allies take -10% for 6 sec/5m cooldown
  3. Breakthrough - +damage dealt by 10% after a crit


With the Cataclysm, zones changing and the return of Deathwing, the denizens of Azeroth found themselves in a time of great upheaval. That coupled with the recent learning about Titans in Ulduar, cults have sprung up following the urge of people to cater for new forms of power.

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