paths of the titans goal: reward progression at max level so, leveling to get cool stuff, then at 80 it all stops.

third type of glyph: ancient glyph different than class glyphs themed for the titans not at all part of inscription not class specific - no "rogue path"

titan cults have sprung up - cataclysm a time of great upheaval, zones changing, people turning to new forms of power, after learning about titans in ulduar more info choose to align with cults, unlock, progresss down get new ancient glyph sockets, new ancient glpys

earn ancheint glyphs through archaeology -at 85 use arch to trade crap into the cults to get glyphs each path has 2-3 choices of ancient glyph per rank

glyphs redesigned to show ability changed. outside the class glyphs is the ancient glyphs, unlocking ranks at lv85. not lv10 starting at cataclysm release

examples: battle hardened: 1. -bleed/stun effects by 20% 2. medic: bandages heal +30% or fortification: nearby allies take -10% for 6 sec/5m cooldown 3. breakthrough - +damage dealt by 10% after ac rit

important: everyone eventually gets all their ancient glyphs think raid progression: hardcores get it now, casuals later. goal: gated, not grindy catch up mechanisms important

new ranks over time patch note: "Now you can reach rank 5" might introduce new paths in content patches say, 3 paths in 4.0, new path in 4.1...

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