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Adding Mirrors Edit

  • Please check the discussion page before you add a mirror.
  • Links should link to the download page for that patch, not to a general website.
  • Mirrors are generally to be listed in alphabetical order by second-level domain (www.domain.tld)
    • Remove the www. or any prefix for the name. Raw IP numbers will always get listed last. FTP sites before HTTP.
    • In cases where domain name is not appropriate or substantially different to the site's actual name, the true reported name should be used as the sorting parameter.
    • Use common sense. This page is actively monitored.
  • Bumping your site to the top of the list or failing to provide direct download links will usually result in your site being removed from this page.
  • See Patches for a list of patches and patch notes.

PTR patches Edit

The official patch downloader can be found on the official site for characters who have successfully copied a character. See Getting on the public test realm for more information.

This list specifies the minimum number of different patches you need to apply for the Patch 4.0.1 PTR.

  1. client installer (100MB)
  2. to (15.7GB)

4.0.1 Edit

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