This article covers the cumulative AddOn UI Customization and Macro API changes after WoW 5.0.5 through 5.2.0 for Mists of Pandaria (Mists/MoP). See API change summaries for a list of API change summaries for all patches.
API change summaries

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Important Notes Edit

  • As of 5/18/2013 the Blizzard WoW AddOn Kit is out of date. It is not representative of 5.2.0 or newer UI art and code.

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Current Bugs Edit

Issues found with Blizzard 5.2.0 level code. Some of these may have been issues in previous patches as well. This is basically just a place to docment bugs in the public Blizzard code.

Frame UI Edit

  • Interface/AddOns/Blizzard_GMChatUI.xml in 'GMChatFrame/GMChatTab'
    Contains two layer frames with same name, with one that inadvertantly references itself for layout. 'Background' and 'Artwork' contain a texture with the same name '$parentBG' with the latter one containing anchors referencing the same name, thus a circular reference. Works by load order luck.
  • Interface/FrameXML/InspectTalenFrame.xml in 'InspectTalentFrame/Specialization'
    Contains bad alignment in '$parentSpecName' for 'justifyH="BOTTOM"' which is invalid.
  • Interface/FrameXML/OverrideActionBar.xml in 'OverrideActionBar' in 5 places
    Uses level="BOARDER" for layer level. Should be 'BORDER'.
  • Interface/FrameXML/ScrollOfResurrection.xml in 'ScrollOfResurrectionSelectionFrame/$parentCancelButton'
    Uses point="BOTTOMRIGHt". Should be point="BOTTOMRIGHT".
  • Interface/AddOns/Blizzard_TalentUI/Blizzard_TalentUI.xml, Interface/FrameXML/LootFrame.xml, Interface/FrameXML/PVPFrame.xml
    Uses justifyV="CENTER". Should be justifyV="MIDDLE".
  • Interface/FrameXML/AlertFrames.xml in 'LootWonAlertFrameTemplate'
    Has '<Anchor><Anchor point="CENTER"/></Anchor>'. Should be '<Anchors><Anchor point="CENTER"/></Anchors>'.
  • Interface/FrameXML/UI.xsd in 'LayoutFrameType/Anchors/Anchor'
    Missing '<xs:attribute name="relativeKey" type="xs:string"/>'.
  • Interface/FrameXML/MainMenuBarMicroButtons.xml in 'MicroButtonAlertTemplate'
    Uses topLevel="true". Should be toplevel="true".
  • Interface/FrameXML/LootFrame.xml in 'BonusRollFrameTemplate/WhiteFade'
    Uses blendMode="ADD". Should be alphaMode="ADD".
  • Interface/FrameXML/LootFrame.xml in 'BonusRollFrameTemplate/RollingFrame/LootSpinnerFinalText'
    Uses alpha="0".
  • Interface/FrameXML/RaidFInder.xml in 'RaidFinderFrame/NoRaidsCover'
    Uses topLevel="true". Should be toplevel="true".
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