Undocumented changes


  • Both the launcher and log-in screen were updated to reflect Mists of Pandaria.[5]
  • New graphics options were added to boost visuals.[5]
  • Install size has been greatly reduced (under 19 GB).
  • File structure of install has been reformatted and access to cinematics/etc has been removed.
  • Game will now default to 64 bit client on x64 systems.


  • Spells with long cooldowns (Guardian of Ancient Kings, Avenging Wrath) now reset after killing a boss.[5]
  • Mage portals and self-teleportation spells no longer require reagents.[5]
  • Pets can now be summoned and dismissed while mounted.[5]

Mobs & NPCs

  • In Orgrimmar there are 2 new NPC goblins near the Engineering area.[5]
  • There is a level 91 elite puppy running around Stormwind Keep by the name of Crithto. That much isn't news, I guess; what is news is that he's now listed as a neutral non-combat pet, and will one-shot you if you accidentally hit him.[5]
  • Molten Core Corehounds were resized back to how they were in the past.[5]


  • If you go to turn in multiple quests to one NPC, it will automatically take you to the complete quest page for the second after completing the first.[5]


  • Archaeology sites now have more digs per site.[5]
  • When equipping a fishing pole, main and off-hand weapons are now kept close together in the bags.[5]
  • Mining and skinning no longer require that you have a Mining Pick or a Skinning Knife in your bags.[6]
  • Tin now requires level 1 mining, and Earthroot requires level 1 Herbalism.[7]


  • It is now possible to leave a battleground from the small pvp icon on the minimap.[5]


  • Spine and madness are no longer required for the achievement "Glory of the Dragon Soul Raider".[5]


  • Pandaren camps were set up in the capital cities to house Monk trainers.[5]
  • There are newly designed Auction House benches in Stormwind.[5]
  • A map was added to the Caverns of Time area.[5]


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