World environment: generalEdit

  • Most unimplemented terrain between zones has been filled for a seamless flying experience, with new mountains, lakes inaccessible by foot, and other filler terrain introduced. Rough jarring shifts in textures in areas not supposed to be accessible by foot have been smoothed over.
  • Hero's Call Boards and Warchief's Command Boards have appeared in capital cities.

Flight PathsEdit

===Many new flight points are missing from this list, not all inclusive yet. Please update.=======



  • The old, inaccessible Mount Hyjal zone has been replaced with the new level 80-82 zone. As such, the No Man's Land debuff has been lifted.

Ahn'Qiraj: The Fallen KingdomEdit

  • Unimplemented terrain south of Ahn'Qiraj has been removed, and the new coast goes directly around the cliffs surrounding Ahn'Qiraj. The coastal cave still remains.


  • Silverwind Refuge has been claimed by the Horde.
  • More of eastern Ashenvale has been deforested.
  • A volcano has erupted and created a lava slide just north of Silverwind Refuge.
  • Hellscream's Watch has been built north of Astranaar.
  • Astranaar has been updated with new high-resolution textures.
  • The Talondeep Path has been excavated away by the Horde, creating a new passage between Ashenvale and Stonetalon Mountains: the Talondeep Pass. To the northwest is a new night elf outpost: Stardust Spire.
  • The previously unnamed and empty night elf house near the Felwood border is now named Orendil's Retreat.
  • Tree models have been updated with a higher quality ones.


Azuremyst IsleEdit

  • The boat from Valaar's Berth now goes to Rut'theran Village instead of Auberdine.





  • A new expanse of grassland and forest, the Cenarion Wildlands, has come to life in the middle of the zone.


Dustwallow MarshEdit

  • A new road has been built connecting Theramore Keep directly to the Southern Barrens.



Northern BarrensEdit



Southern BarrensEdit

Stonetalon MountainsEdit


  • Steamwheedle Port has sunk under the sea, along with a large chunk of the land at the northeast until Gadgetzan, which has been converted into a port.
  • The Uldum gate in the Valley of the Watchers has changed in appearance significantly, and now leads to a dungeon area. There is now also a second, overland entrance to the partially-implemented Uldum zone.


  • The old Rut'theran Village has been destroyed, but a new one has opened slightly farther into the sea. It now has three docks.
  • Dolanaar now has a flight path.
  • Mage trainers have been added to Dolanaar and Shadowglen.
  • Tree models have been updated with higher quality ones.

Thousand NeedlesEdit

  • The entire zone has been flooded, with the former mesas now sticking as islands amid the new sea.
  • A new Flight Path is available on the boat in the middle of the lake (Alliance confirmed)


Eastern KingdomsEdit


Alterac MountainsEdit

Arathi HighlandsEdit


  • The passage to Loch Modan has been blocked by the new rift.
  • A new goblin port has been built.

Blasted LandsEdit

Burning SteppesEdit

  • The zone has been (partially) updated with new high-resolution textures.

The Cape of StranglethornEdit

Dun MoroghEdit

  • The north path leading to Gnomeregan has been buried by an avalanche.
  • The Ironforge Airfield now shows its subzone name when flying over it.
  • Charred mountains have extended farther into the sea just south of Newman's Landing.


  • Raven Hill is now a worgen settlement with a flight master and Gilnean tents.

Eastern PlaguelandsEdit

  • The plague has partially regressed, roughly to the level of pre-Cataclysm Western Plaguelands. Water has appeared again in formerly dried basins.
  • The patch of land around Light's Hope Chapel is now green and plague-free, and has been reinforced with walls.
  • Argent Crusade banners are seen prominently through the zone, including the four PvP towers and the new Light's Hope Chapel.

Elwynn ForestEdit

Hillsbrad FoothillsEdit


  • The zone has been updated with new high-resolution textures.


Loch ModanEdit

  • The Stonewrought Dam has been damaged. As such, water level in The Loch has receded, exposing most of the former lakebed.
  • The path to the Badlands has been blocked by a fissure.

Northern StranglethornEdit

  • Tree models have been updated.
  • A whirlpool now separates this zone from The Cape of Stranglethorn.
  • Zul'Gurub has been removed as a raid instance. It is now a non-instanced quest hub.

Redridge MountainsEdit

Silverpine ForestEdit

  • The zone has been updated with new high-resolution textures.
  • Pyrewood Village and the Greymane Wall have been updated to use Gilnean architecture. Pyrewood Village is now connected by a bridge to the shattered gate of the Greymane Wall.
  • The Forsaken buildings have been updated to the new Northrend-style Forsaken architecture.

Stormwind CityEdit

  • The entire city has received a graphic update with new high-resolution textures. Areas formerly clipped have been implemented with the advent of flying in Azeroth.
  • The Park has been destroyed.
  • A new park-like green area around the new Stormwind Lake, along with a cemetery, has opened behind the Cathedral of Light. There is now a statue of Uther the Lightbringer in front of the Cathedral.
  • Fountains in the city now actually contain water.
  • The Command Center and SI:7 no longer have narrow corridors leading to them, and are now located on a green meadow outside the Old Town. Oddly enough, the locations of the two buildings have been swapped. The Command Center now also has hunter trainers and Justice/Valor Point vendors inside it; Master Wood has been moved outside.
  • The entrance to Stormwind Keep has been revamped, and now features a statue of Varian Wrynn and overlooking balconies.
  • Dragon claw marks are visible on the two towers at the end of the Valley of Heroes. Trollbane's statue has been destroyed while the others have fallen into the water next to the bridge.
  • The boat that previously connected Stormwind Harbor to Auberdine now goes to Rut'theran Village.
  • Genn Greymane now stands next to Varian Wrynn in the throne room.
  • The previously unnamed tavern in the Dwarven District now has a sign saying The Golden Keg.
  • A bank and an auction house have been added to Dwarven District. This has the potential of making this district an alternative hub to the crowded Trade District.

Swamp of SorrowsEdit

  • A new goblin town with a dock, Bogpaddle, has been added to northern Misty Reed Strand.
  • A new pirate camp has appeared south along the coast.
  • A new human settlement, Marshtide Watch, has been added to the north of the Temple of Atal'Hakkar.
  • The lake surrounding the Temple of Atal'Hakkar has turned into a sea gulf.
  • The Harborage has been reinforced with draenei fortifications, and now has a flight master.
  • The Redridge Highway now connects the zone to Redridge Mountains.

Tirisfal GladesEdit

  • The inaccessible valley west of Deathknell has been replaced with a lake and trees, although the zone map displays that area as mountains.
  • The Ruins of Lordaeron have been redesigned with the advent of flying mounts in Azeroth.
  • Brill has been updated for the new, Northrend-style Forsaken architecture.
  • The Bulwark gate has been reinforced, and also uses the new Forsaken architecture.


Western PlaguelandsEdit

  • Parts of the zone have been reclaimed from the plague, and are now blooming with green again.
  • Andorhal has been partially rebuilt, but split into two sections, a human one and a Forsaken one.
  • Hearthglen has been claimed by the Argent Crusade.



Shattrath CityEdit

  • Portals to old-world capitals have been removed and replaced with new class trainers.



  • Portals to old-world capitals have been removed and replaced with new class trainers.



  • Towns in starting zones now have profession trainers, which can train all professions (but not secondary professions) up to a skill level of 75.





  • Moving your mouse over a fishing bobber now shows a unique fishing icon rather than the generic cogwheel.


  • Experience gained from gathering herbs has been increased.


  • Low-level inks can no longer be traded for Ink of the Sea but now for Blackfallow Ink. However, since the ingredients for this ink aren't available before the release of Cataclysm, low-level inks can't be traded right now.


  • Experience gained from Mining has been increased.


  • The [Flight Master's License] (previously known as Azerothian Navigation) is available at level 60. It allows flying in Azeroth and costs 250 gold.
  • Master Riding is available at level 80. It allows flying at 310% speed and costs 5000 gold (without reputation bonuses).
  • Smart mount macros are broken because all of Azeroth is now marked as flyable.
  • Some, but not all, flying mounts are now usable in Azeroth as land mounts - this seems to be mostly crafted mounts such as Tailor-made flying carpets and Engineer-made flying machines. The mount operates only as a land mount, unless in water, where you will be unmounted like on a flying mount.
  • Is it possible to mount up and fly on a flying mount when swimming at the surface of water.
  • Dalaran is no longer a no-fly area.
  • The Stormwind Canals can be ridden on as though they are land when using larger mounts such as mammoths.




User InterfaceEdit


  • Relics can now be used for multiple classes, but the name of the respective classes must be listed in their tooltips. All existing Idols, Librams, Sigils and Totems (as Relics) are now renamed Relics.


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