World Events

User Interface

  • The input box for typing chat lines is always visible, unless changed in the Interface settings (IM chat). Besides pressing <Enter>, you can click on it, in order to chat. The border of the input box denotes the type of the chat: white = /say, red = /yell, green = /guild (Guild Chat), pink = /tell, blue = /party. Light blue has been added for chatting using
  • The chat line will now remember your last form of chat even if it was a whisper or a chat channel. Previously these two methods of communication would require repeating the /r or /1 keystrokes.
  • Secondary windows, including the Combat Log, can now be "minimized" by clicking the button above the scroll arrows.
  • The <AFK> tag has been replaced with <Away>, and the <DND> tag has been replaced with <Busy>.
  • All auctions now have a 1 silver minimum deposit.
  • From the chat window it is possible to specify the kind of report: Spam, Abuse or Improper Name (the latter might be useful on Roleplay realms (RP or RP-PvP or for inappropriate names), but is only usable on Real ID names at this time.


  • Heirloom items now have a durability stat. Hotfixed.
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