This article covers the cumulative AddOn UI Customization and Macro API changes for Patch 3.3.0. See API change summaries for a list of API change summaries for all patches.
API change summaries

API changes Edit

Quests Edit

  • NEW - QueryQuestsCompleted() requests that the server send the client a list of completed quest ids. Once the list is received the QUEST_QUERY_COMPLETE event is fired. (There is a limit on how frequently this can be called)
  • NEW - tbl = GetQuestsCompleted([tbl]) populates a table (creating one if necessary) with the ids of completed quests as keys with true values.

GUIDs Edit

  • The format of NPC GUId's has changed, the creature ID is now two hex digits (8 bits) to the left, e.g. Hogger (0x1C0) is now xF13001C0000005D2 (formerly xF1300001C00005D2)

Widget API Edit

  • The deprecated GetFrameType method has been completely removed (GetObjectType offers the same result)

Region Edit

  • NEW - isOver = region:IsMouseOver() -- Tests whether the mouse is over the region, replaces the MouseIsOver FrameXML lua function.

Button Edit

  • NEW - Button:SetMotionScriptsWhileDisabled(enable) --Allows OnEnter and OnLeave to fire while the button is disabled.
  • NEW - isEnabled = Button:GetMotionScriptsWhileDisabled()
  • This can also be set from XML: <Button motionScriptsWhileDisabled="true">
  • The registerForClicks property can now be set from XML.

Texture Edit

  • NEW - width = Texture:GetFileWidth() --Gets the width/height of the actual file in use by the texture. (0 if we can't access the texture for some reason) (Note: These currently aren't returning the right values for some Blizzard UI images)
  • NEW - height = Texture:GetFileHeight()

Macros Edit

  • The @ symbol has been added as a synonym for 'target=' to help avoid confusion and compact macros, you can do /cast [@focus] Obliterate
  • The following new macro conditionals have been added:
    the PLAYER has a vehicle UI
    the target of the macro has a vehicle UI

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