This article lists all of the undocumented changes occurring in Patch 3.0.3. See the main article for the official list of documented changes.

Classes Edit

Druid Edit

  • Mana regeneration from crits in Moonkin form has been restricted to only single target spells. In 3.0.2, crits from AoE spells would also regenerate mana.
  • Omen of Clarity procs on crafting recipes. This is almost certainly unintended.

Paladin Edit

  • The opportunity to use Hammer of Wrath has been lowered to 20% of the target's health, but the tooltip hasn't been changed accordingly.
  • Judgement of Light now also affects spells and ranged attacks. The debuff description reflects this, but the actionbar tooltip still refers only to melee attacks.

Shaman Edit

Mounts Edit

Items Edit

Other Edit

  • Glyphs can now be linked directly from the glyphs page of your spellbook into chat by shift-clicking on them. This did not work in 3.0.2.
  • Barrels and other items that you destroy are now smashed again. (Was previously changed to the "open" animation.)
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