This article lists undocumented changes that have appeared in Patch 2.4.2.




User interfaceEdit

  • Chat filters have been fixed.
  • Lines that wrap in chat frames are now indented all subsequent lines after the first.
  • The "Mount" line has been added to the tooltips of all mounts.
  • Sending an \n to chat no longer instantly logs players out. \r cannot be used to place a newline in your messages. Chat messages will be truncated on these codes. If the resulting message length is 0, and channel is "say", "yell", or "emote" other players will see emotes "<player> says something unintelligible.", "<player> yells at his team members.", or "<player> makes some strange gestures." respectively. In most other channels empty messages will be displayed.
  • Players' deaths now correctly appear in the combat log.
  • Confirmation messages when looting BoP items that only you can loot are back.
  • Spaces are added when a character talks in excess of 1 line, this is to prevent players from impersonating a player.
  • Weapon oils placed in a guild bank now show the correct number of charges left.

Lua/XML Changes Edit

Following changes have been made in LUA/XML which would effect macros and addons :

  • GuildRosterSetOfficerNote - escape characters are now strictly evaluated and require escaping [2]
  • Minimap:PingLocation(0,0) is now a restricted function to the Blizzard UI only if you are currently targeting area of effect spell. [3]
  • CombatLogSetCurrentEntry() behavior for negative and zero ids is shifted by 1 position. Newest is at 0 (was at -1), oldest is at -CombatLogGetNumEntries() + 1 (was at -CombatLogGetNumEntries())
  • Most if not all constants for plural forms (<CONSTANT_NAME>_P1) are eliminated and singular ones updated to use new "|4" escape sequence for generating plural forms.
  • New 6th parameter "addToStart" added to ScrollingMessageFrame:AddMessage. When true, adds new message to the opposite end of the message frame.

Here is another wiki page discussing observed API changes


World environmentEdit


  • New experimental performance tweak added using a combination of full screen glow and multisampling. Add the line SET AllowMultisampleFBO "1" to "/Applications/World of Warcraft/WoWTest/WTF/". Results were positive or neutral in limited testing. [4]


  • If you stand far away from an NPC with a blue question mark (to interact with), and you hold your cursor on him, the cursor is now displayed properly. Before it disappeared. The cursor is now the same if you hold your cursor on an NPC with a yellow question mark.
  • Tiger mounts now properly make a sound when holding still and pressing the space bar.


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