The paper doll frame is the part of the character info window that shows a rendering of what the player's character looks like and the various item slots that can be equipped (held or worn) by the character. The rendering should update based on what items the character has equipped.

Paper doll sections Edit

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The Paper Doll frame displays various information about your character, including:

Paper doll buttons Edit

Close box Edit

Extreme top-right of the window, this button (Xbutton) closes the window. Basically following the MS Windows UI convention, since on the Mac OS, the equivalent UI button is at the top-left (red marble in OS X).

Model rotate buttons Edit

Just to the top-left of the 3D character preview figure, these buttons rotate the preview counter-clockwise and clockwise.

Tabs Edit

There can also be up to three tabs at the bottom of the window:

  • Character (left): Shows the paper doll main character info pane.
  • Reputation (middle): Shows the Reputation pane of the character info window.
  • Currency (right): Shows the Currency pane of the character info window. Will not appear until character accumulates some type of currency.

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