Paige Chaddis and her mother Karlee Chaddis and brother Gil take an extended tour of Stormwind, finally ending at Ancient Curios[45, 86]
in the Mage Quarter.


While in Ancient Curios she takes part in the following dialog:

Karlee Chaddis says: Hello, Charys. I have my list, could you get me all of that, especially the last ingredient.

Paige Chaddis says: Mommy? Can I pet Fizzles?

Karlee Chaddis says: Sure, Paige. Just be gentle.

Gil says: Billy says Fizzles used to be a great wizard. But he got turned into a rabbit when one of his spells went bad.

Karlee Chaddis says: Thanks, Charys. C'mon Paige, sweetie.

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Since Gil lives in Stormwind it is assumed that the Billy that told this tale is the same boy who wanders around the city with Adam telling fish stories.

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