Nestlewood Owlkin

A Nestlewood Owlkin that has not been mutated.

Owlkin are beast-like humanoids found on Azuremyst Isle. Like their many cousins of similar form, the owlkin are large creatures that look like a cross between an owl and a bear, with antlers sprouting from their bird-like heads. This specific breed is not normally hostile to other humanoids. However, the draenei ship The Exodar recently crashed nearby, and the radiation from the power crystals of the ship have caused some of the Nestlewood Owlkin to become Mutated Owlkin. The owlkin have also absconded with some of the draenei's spare parts which were scattered about the area (see Alliance 15 [4] Spare Parts). Recently, some draenei have been inoculating as many of the unaffected owlkin as they can, hoping to protect the innocent creatures (see Alliance 15 [4] Inoculation). Unfortunately, for the Mutated Owlkin it is too late.

With the release of cataclysm, worgen balance druids have been dubbed "howlkin" in pvp.

Other breeds include:

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