Owlbeasts, larger and more powerful cousins of wildkin, seem derived from the same species, but their origins remain shrouded in mystery. The night elves claim that Elune also created the owlbeasts to serve as her guardians, but owlbeasts do not possess the gentle natures of wildkin. Owlbeasts embody chaos over good; they fly into uncontrolled rages in combat. No one knows what sets off an owlbeast’s wrath, so cautious adventurers give the creatures a wide berth. Some owlbeasts in the Hinterlands exhibit the same corrupted mutations as their wildkin cousins in that region. Owlbeasts attack relentlessly and fearlessly. They fly into a frenzy immediately upon entering combat and fight to the death.

Owlbeasts grow to almost 20 feet tall and weigh 3,000 pounds or more. They prefer colder climates than do wildkin, and as a result they develop white or silver feathers in the snowy season. Like wildkin, owlbeasts do not speak, but understand Darnassian.[1] (MG 142)

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