Owen's Wishing Well

Owen's Wishing Well is located within Tidemist Thicket, a forest in the northern part of the Jade Forest bordering the Ruins of Gan Shi.

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Owen's wishing well was made in commemoration of a young man named Owen. Owen (Brian "Owen" Wicks)[1] was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, a type of cancer when he was 14. He used his make a wish trip to visit Blizzard Entertainment[2] and was lucky enough to have this well and a buff put in the game. Owen passed away at the age of 16. Upon flipping the Lucky Golden Coin that lays on the well (phased to each player) the player gains a buff called “[Made-A-Wish]ω τ ϖ”.

Lucky Golden Coin at Owen's Wishing Well

Bird with Lucky Golden Coin

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