An Outrunner in World of Warcraft seems the be a mix between a messenger and a scout. Many things in WoW have this name.

Alliance Outrunners Edit

The Alliance Outrunners are four (sometimes just three) level 21-25 elite NPCs in the Barrens, usually near the south road. They have a tendency to gank unsuspecting Horde players, and these victims usually return to gank them at a higher level in return.


Blood elven outrunners Edit

Group of blood elves that take care of shuttling goods between Sunstrider Isle and the mainland (which is Silvermoon City). Their travels are not devoid of danger as the Ruins of Silvermoon, which they have to go through, is controlled by the wretched and defective arcane guardians.


Centaur outrunners Edit

Different centaur clans have outrunners.

Galak tribe in Mulgore
Gelkis clan in Desolace
Kolkar clan in Durotar
Magram clan in Desolace

Dark Horde outrunners Edit

The Dark Horde have outrunners in the Redridge Mountains.


Gnoll outrunners Edit

Some gnoll packs have outrunners.

the Riverpaw pack in Elwynn Forest

High elven outrunners Edit

The Highvale Outrunners are a high elf outrunner from Quel'Danil Lodge in the Hinterlands.


Night elven outrunners Edit

Night elves have outrunners to watch out for invading forces in Ashenvale.


Tauren outrunners Edit

Quests involving interaction with outrunners Edit

Items related to outrunners Edit

There are several items which outrunners may use:

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