Ordon Sanctuary

Ordon Sanctuary Entrance

Ordon Sanctuary, the sanctuary containing Boss 15 Ordos, is located beyond the Firewalker's Path, high above the rest of the Timeless Isle. Once accessible via bridge until its destruction, other ways are now required to cross.

Getting There

The simpliest way to cross over is using the legendary cloak obtained through the Wrathion legendary quest line. Other ways are :

  • Using a Combat 15 Highwind Albatross to carry you, killing it to land.
  • Using the [Gleaming Crane Statue], turning and landing near the sanctuary
  • Purchasing a [Golden Glider], swimming away from the island until you can mount, fly back until you are dismounted and use the glider. Position yourself and land.


Rare Mobs

World Boss



  • Without at least one character on your account possessing the legendary cloak, you will not be able to enter the Ordon Sanctuary, however you can use the entrance on the west side[41, 24]
    to loot the chest.

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