The Oracles are a faction of gorlocs that inhabit the Sholazar Basin. They hate the Frenzyheart Tribe of wolvar. They see themselves as guardians of the titan technology that remains in the zone (though they understand little of it). They find themselves in an escalating territorial war with the wolvar.

They are said to be the "next evolution of murlocs".[1] Lead Game Designer Jeff Kaplan called them "An evolution to the Murlocs" and said they were a "Complicated race of Murloc, both good and bad at the same time".[2] They are the friendly gorlocs.


Hated Neutral Friendly Honored Revered Exalted Rep Notes
To Honored Defeat Artruis the Heartless with killing the Zepik of the Frenzyheart Tribe
350 Frenzyheart Attackers x50
350 Energized Polished Crystal and Frenzyheart Attackers x30
250 Song of Fecundity played x8
250 Four songs of Reflection played
500 Monsoon Revenant Devoured x4 Storm Revenant Devoured x4
~12k ~25 Quests (Shared with Frenzyheart Tribe)

Relation to the Frenzyheart Tribe

Much like Scryer vs Aldor or Bloodsail Buccaneers and Steamwheedle Cartel The Oracles and The Frenziheart Tribe are opposite factions, where when you gain reputation with one you lose reputation with the other.

As Template:Hated

You will be unable to complete daily quests for the Oracles and will be attacked on sight because you are Neutral 15 or better with the Frenzyheart Tribe, who are the Oracles sworn enemies.

Switching Factions

To switch factions from Frenzyheart Tribe to The Oracles you must defeat Artruis the Heartless, a level 77 elite. During the fight with Artruis you are attacked by both an Oracle (Jaloot) and a Frenzyheart (Zepik) , you must leave the Jaloot the Oracle alive and kill Zepik the Frenzyheart, then finish defeating Artrius in order for the Oracle Hand of the Oracles quest giver to appear. Completing this quest automatically boots your rep to Template:Honored, but >REDUCES< your frenzyheart tribe rep to Template:Hated, so make sure you finish up anything you wish to do with the frenzyheart before completing this task.

From Template:Honored to Template:Exalted

Complete the three daily quests offered in Rainspeaker Canopy, these are random from one of the 6 listed above. This will reward anywhere from 750 to 1750 reputation per day.


The most coveted thing from the Oracles is the Mysterious Egg, which can hatch into four different non-combat pets. If you're not a pet collector this reputation is also part of two achievements: The Oracles for getting exalted with the oracles, and Mercenary of Sholazar for getting exalted with both the oracles and the Frenzyheart Tribe.



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