Ophelia Montague is a ghostly level 45 banker located in the Trade Quarter in the forsaken's Undercity.

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All the bankers in Undercity are clearly related. In William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet the Montagues are an extremely wealthy family. In Hamlet, Hamlet was in a relationship with Ophelia, who killed herself, which is why Ophelia Montague is a ghost. However, Ophelia was not a Montague and the two plays had no relations what-so-ever. As a side fact, Calvin Montague was the black sheep of the family, refusing to go into banking and instead becoming a rogue. I don't believe Calvin Montague has any relations with any of Shakespeare's plays.

  • It's strange that her model is that of a male ghost, when she was (apparently) female in life. Maybe this was her punishment for drowning herself; she was a Catholic. If you're familiar with the famous Soliloquy in Hamlet, you'll understand the symbolism.

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