This article or section contains lore taken from Warcraft novels or short stories.

Om'riggor is a rite of passage in orcish society. Om'riggor is practiced amongst all orc clans, and both male and female orcs enter adulthood through om'riggor. The rite of om'riggor becomes available at age 20.

In the time before the rise of the Horde, om'riggor required the initiate to track and slay a great beast, such as a talbuk, by his or herself, in what was referred to as a 'solo kill'. This basic principle remains the same, and Azerothian orcs have adapted to applying the rite of passage to native creatures. Initiates are permitted only to bring a single weapon with no armor or provisions. If the initiate is successful in the solo kill, he/she will paint the blood of the prey upon his/her face as proof. Upon the initiate's return a clan shaman will taste the blood, and if deemed genuine, the initiate will be inducted into adulthood through a formal ceremony. Their ceremony is conducted by the clan's shamans and presided over by the clan leader who declares the initiate(s) full members of the clan.[1] (RotH 64)