Old Man Heming <Fisherman> is a level 43 fish vendor located in a shop called The Happy Bobber on the lowest platform of Booty Bay, in the contested territory of Stranglethorn Vale. Prior to patch 3.1 he sold the fishing book Expert Fishing - The Bass and You, which has since been removed. Expert Fishing can now be learned from fishing trainers. Heming now sells only fishing lures, and occasionally the Aquadynamic Fish Attractor.

The easiest way to find Old Man Heming is to leap into the water and swim to the ramp that leads out of the water. From there, turn right and you will see him standing in his shop. The shop has an overhang, held up by a single wooden pillar, with a sign hanging from it.

The name 'Old Man Heming' is a reference to Ernest Hemingway and his novel The Old Man and the Sea.

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