A type of liquid substance item produced by Alchemy or some other profession. Oils serve sometimes as an ingredient for other Alchemy recipes, sometimes may be used as a potion or applied on another item to provide a buff.


Large pools of this highly flammable substance are found far beneath the surface of the sea. Special Platforms must be constructed in order to drill deep enough into the ocean floor to get at this sticky, black substance. Dark oily patches, created by small geysers that form on the ocean floor and spew modest amounts of oil the into the surrounding waters, serve as a beacon to Oil Tankers hunting for the rich black liquid. Although Oil is commonly used in the construction and powering of ships, it has been utilized in the development of both experimental flying craft and extremely powerful weapons.[1] (WC2 32) A portion of the large salt flat, Shimmering Flats is actually a rich source of oil. The goblins have ventured to the basin in great numbers to collect and refine the "black gold."[2] (WRPG #?) Oil is one of the main ingredients used in the production of phlogiston, a substance used to run technological devices.


Alchemical buffing oils:

Frost Oil, 200
when applied to a melee weapon it gives a 10% chance of casting Frostbolt at the opponent when it hits; lasts 30 minutes
Fishliver Oil
increases your attack speed by 10% for 30 seconds; cooldown is five minutes
Hinott's Oil
Oil of Immolation, 205
does 50 fire damage to any enemies within a 5 yard radius around the caster every 3 seconds for 15 seconds
Oil of Olaf
Increases armor by 50 for one hour
Shadow Oil, 165
when applied to a melee weapon it gives a 15% chance of casting Shadow Bolt III at the opponent when it hits; lasts 30 minutes

Enchanting buffing oils:

Wizard Oils

Each wizard oil is 5 charge item when applied to a weapon increases spell damage and spell critical rating at higher levels for 30 minutes.
Minor Mana Oil
Lesser Mana Oil
Mana Oil
Brilliant Mana Oil
Superior Mana Oil

Ingredient oils:

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