Boulderfist Outpost

Ogre Mound in WoW.

After being trained in the rudiments of combat at the Barracks, Ogres congregate at these crude, stone huts to enhance their endurance, strength and speed. These two-headed titans increase their great strength by engaging in contests which involve the hurling and crushing of giant rocks. This serves to increase their already formidable strength and resilience - and those that do escape the pounding delivered by their brethren find themselves the quicker for it. Even the half-witted Peons dare not come near this place, for stray boulders tend to find the heads of inattentive visitors.[1] (WC2man 80)

In World of Warcraft Edit

In World of Warcraft an ogre mound is usually found anywhere ogres are living. The ogres in Outland are capable of also creating more sophisticated dwellings (this is likely because, barring the retcon in Rise of the Horde, ogres brought to Azeroth are less intelligent).

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