Oggleflint is a level 16 elite trogg found in Ragefire Chasm.


Oggleflint and the troggs once ruled unchallenged in the depths of Ragefire Chasm until the Searing Blade cultists moved in. Too weak to drive away the Searing Blade, Oggleflint and the troggs retreated to the upper levels of Ragefire Chasm where they now wait patiently for their unwelcome guests to depart.

Maur Grimtotem's corpse is in the room with him.


  • Ability warrior cleave  [Cleave]ω ϖ—Inflicts 110% of normal melee damage to an enemy and its nearest ally.


Oggleflint is almost identical in difficulty to any other trogg you encounter in Ragefire Chasm. He doesn't aggro when you pull the two troggs in the room with him, so just pull them out onto the ledge and kill them. The only thing to be careful of is his Cleave which will hit two melee-range players, but otherwise he's simply tank and spank. It's best to let a mage polymorph adds if there are any, and then just kill him.


Notable Loot:
Inv misc bone 01

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