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An official site refers to a web site published by a game developer.
This typically portals to news about current and upcoming products, support for billing and technical concerns, and general gameplay information.

Official WoW sites Edit

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US Icon-usa-22x22, Americas, Oceanic

US – Website / Icon-bnetwowus-22x22 Forums

Spanish (Icon-mexico-22x22 Mexico & Latin America): Website [es] / Icon-bnetwowus-22x22 Foros [es]
Portuguese Icon-brazil-22x22: Website [pt] / Icon-bnetwowus-22x22 Fóruns [pt]
Oceanic: Icon-bnetwowus-22x22 General Discussion forum (Icon-bnetwowus-22x22 Guild Recruitment forum)
Europe Icon-eu-22x22

EU – Icon-britain-22x22 Website [en-gb] / Icon-bnetwoweu-22x22 Forums [en]

French Icon-france-22x22: Website [fr-fr] / Icon-bnetwoweu-22x22 Forums [fr]
German Icon-germany-22x22: Website [de-de] / Icon-bnetwoweu-22x22 Foren [de]
Italian Icon-italy-22x22: Website [it-it] / Icon-bnetwoweu-22x22 Forum [it]
Portuguese Icon-portugal-22x22: Website [pt-pt] / Icon-bnetwoweu-22x22 Fóruns [pt]
Spanish Icon-spain-22x22: Website [es-es] / Icon-bnetwoweu-22x22 Foros [es]
Russian Icon-russia-22x22: Website [ru-ru] / Icon-bnetwoweu-22x22 Форумы [ru]

Icon-bnetwow-22x22 China Icon-china-22x22Website or / Old Website [cn] / Old Forums [zh] (Old BlizzTracker [zh] for blue posts)
Icon-bnetwow-22x22 Korea Icon-korea-22x22Website [ko-kr] / Forums [ko]
Icon-wow-22x22 Taiwan Icon-taiwan-22x22Website [zh-tw] / Forums [zh]

News Edit

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US Icon-usa-22x22, Americas, Oceanic

US – Icon-usa-22x22 news is at: Icon-blizznews-22x22

Europe Icon-eu-22x22

EU – Icon-britain-22x22 news is at: Icon-blizznews-22x22


Icon-china-22x22 China news is at:

New in 2017 Edit

Sometime in late August 2017, World of Warcraft also appears at in addition to what appears at The header link from the World of Warcraft forums now goes to instead of This appears to be part of Blizzard's somewhat muddled attempt to focus more attention on its Blizzard Entertainment brand. Now readers have to go to for overview navigation, esports, game info, and some lore; * for forums, shop, and support; and will sometimes end up at for news.

New version in 2016 Edit

A new design of the official game site was unveiled on July 26, 2016.[1] In a bit of irony, it reverted back to using the domain with language and region largely switching based on the directory path just after the domain (approx. /en-us for Icon-usa-22x22, /en-gb for Icon-britain-22x22Icon-eu-22x22, /ko-kr for Icon-korea-22x22, and /zh-tw for Icon-taiwan-22x22). Strangely, mainland Icon-china-22x22 China uses or, which are actually different for some unknown reason.

As seems to happen each time Blizzard does this, there is less lore content in the new version.[citation needed] We shall see if it gets added back. There are also missing features like the Dungeon Journals, boss info, items, and Blizztracker. Each time they redo the site, it takes some time for features to come back, but so far each new iteration is slightly less feature rich.

New version in 2010 Edit

The design of the site changed as well as the primary domains use to access it in December 2010. The main domains of and now redirect to and[2]

Official Blizzard sites Edit

Icon-blizz-22x22 Blizzard EntertainmentIcon-usa-22x22 US,Icon-eu-22x22 EU

Icon-bnet-22x22 Battle.netIcon-usa-22x22 US, Icon-eu-22x22 EU

  • Icon-china-22x22 – CN

Official pages Edit

WoW Icon 16x16 World of Warcraft
Icon-warcraftmovie-22x22 Movie

Notes Edit

  • On October 25, 2016 (coinciding with the release of Patch 7.1), (and /en-gb/news) gave a "404: Page Not Found" error.[citation needed] This problem was fixed after a few days.
  • Chrome 50 (through 53?) cannot log into[3][4]

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