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Icon-bnetwowus-22x22 US – Forums (BlizzTracker for blue posts)

Spanish (Icon-mexico-22x22 Mexico & Latin America): Forums [es] (BlizzTracker [es] for blue posts)
Portuguese Icon-brazil-22x22 (Brazil): Fóruns [pt] (BlizzTracker [pt] for blue posts)
Oceanic: General Discussion forum (Guild Recruitment forum)
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Icon-eu-22x22 France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Portugal, Russia and Spain

Icon-bnetwoweu-22x22 EU – Icon-britain-22x22 Forums [en] (BlizzTracker [en] for blue posts)

German Icon-germany-22x22: Forums [de] (BlizzTracker [de] for blue posts)
Spanish Icon-spain-22x22: Forums [es] (BlizzTracker [es] for blue posts)
French Icon-france-22x22: Forums [fr] (BlizzTracker [fr] for blue posts)
Portuguese Icon-portugal-22x22: Fóruns [pt] (BlizzTracker [pt] for blue posts)
Italian Icon-italy-22x22: Forum [it] (BlizzTracker [it] for blue posts)
Russian Icon-russia-22x22: Forums [ru] (BlizzTracker [ru] for blue posts)
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Icon-wow-22x22 China Icon-china-22x22Website
Icon-bnetwow-22x22 Korea Icon-korea-22x22Forums [ko] (BlizzTracker [ko] for blue posts)
Icon-bnetwow-22x22 Southeast Asia – Website [en] (redirects to en-US site)
Icon-wow-22x22 Taiwan Icon-taiwan-22x22Website forums search info Edit

Hopefully it doesn't make your eyes bleed...

From Straton:[1]

  • To search within a forum, simply include the forumId field in the query string.
    • forumId:1025939 searchterms
  • Search date ranges with the createdAt field for most of the documents in search. The following example shows a query of documents created in the last two weeks.
    • createdAt:[NOW-14DAY/DAY TO NOW/DAY+1DAY]
  • Search for blue posts.
    • For now, you have to do a chain of author:name queries for the blue posters you are looking for, which is kind of ugly. I'm looking at ways of improving this.
    • (author:Straton OR author:Lylirra)
  • Search within posts by poster
    • author:Straton searchterms
  • Ignore non-forum content.
    • Consider this search for the term mace.
    • And then an alternative that includes all types except for forum posts.
      mace AND -(type:post)

See "In Search of Bigger Game" blog post in external links section below for more specific search code.

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