Attacks and AbilitiesEdit

  • Reflection, reflects all targeted spells back at the caster for a few seconds. This does not include AoE spells like Flamestrike, Arcane Explosion or Frost Nova, or wand attacks.
  • Will periodically "splinter" during battle, creating adds called Obsidian Shards. These are level 33 non-elites. They can also reflect spells.
  • Each time it splinters, it shrinks in size and gains a "Splintered Obsidian" debuff that progressively decreases its attack power.
  • If you leave and reenter the instance, the sentinel's "splintered" debuff and Obsidian Shards remain in the same state you left them.


Soloing as a MageEdit

First, get some health and mana potions and anything that boosts your mana pool (+intellect gear). You may also want a wand with good DPS.

The first stage is the hardest, as the Obsidian Sentinel hits very hard at first. It does purely physical damage, so use your Mana Shield to stay alive. Fight using only non-targeted spells and your wand. Use Frost Nova to give yourself time to recover mana with potions, mana gems or Evocation. Soon, the Sentinel will splinter and spawn an Obsidian Shard. At this point, if you're in danger, you can flee the instance and recover outside. Your "progress" so to speak will be saved.

When you reenter the instance, the Sentinel (and any Shards) will usually be back in its original position, allowing you to pull again.

Every time a Shard appears, blast away with your AoE spells. They have low health and will die quickly. The Sentinel will lose attack power each time it splinters. You may want to keep your mana shield up all the time. Because AoE spells are so mana inefficient, save them and only attack with your wand when there are no Shards. Use Frost Nova whenever its cooldown allows. Repeat the process, running out of instance to recover when needed.

After about 4-5 Shards spawn, the Sentinel won't get any weaker. You will have to finish it. However, Shards will still periodically spawn. Kill them when they appear. At this point, they will hit harder than the Sentinel itself. Wear down the Sentinel's large health pool with AoE spells while protecting yourself with your shield.

An extremely useful place to kite to is the shelf on the left side facing the door from just inside the portal, as you can run onto this shelf and jump off the end, causing the sentinel to backtrack back around to the stairs to reach you. This is not the case with the right hand shelf as the sentinel is able to run down a mound of dirt on the end.


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