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Obris was one of Ner'zhul's higher ranking of officers. He served and helped unite the clans once again to fight the Alliance. His faith in Ner'zhul's role as savior of the Horde seemed to have been rather high, as he stood by and helped open the portals to new worlds. It was Ner'zhul's promise that the orcs would be saved, through the opening of such gateways to richer realms to conquer. Yet, Obris was to behold the breaking of Ner'zhul's nobility. The old orc said that the rest of the Horde be damned, and that all that mattered was his own survival. Obris protested, but was mowed down by his master's magic, and left for dead.

Obris survived yet. Khadgar was left despairing, seeing that Ner'zhul had completed his scheme. Still, in a final act of vengeance, Obris handed over the Book of Medivh, which he had been entrusted with, to Khadgar. Glad to have defied the great traitor, Ner'zhul, Obris accepted the peace of death.


  • Kill the Alliance and let us gather our Horde! You cannot possibly mean that only we few will escape? What about our brothers, who fight even now? Grom and the Warsong are still in Azeroth. There are females and children scattered all over. We cannot abandon them! To do so would be the most gutless, cowardly-
  • You at least are an honorable foe. Ner'zhul betrayed us. He re-formed the Horde, and forced my Laughing Skull clan back into the fold. He promised us a new start. But as soon as - as soon as he found safety, he fled. He and his favorites live... The rest of us... we are nothing to him.
  • It would please me to know that my last act... was to defy him. Take it. Take it, curse you! Take it and make him pay for his treachery.
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