O'ros was a Naaru who inhabited the draenei capital of the Exodar. It could be found at the very bottom of the Seat of the Naaru. O'ros was the last of Xe'ra's line (a "Naaru Prime").

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O'ros was thought destroyed[1] by High General Rakeesh during the Siege of Exodar, but may have been healed by Velen[2] and reborn somehow.[3]

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  • Although O'ros appears to be hostile to the Horde, he does not attack Horde players nor is O'ros able to be attacked.
  • His reaction to players is simply due to the faction he is flagged under.

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  • His name may be a reference to Starcraft's Ouros, a Xel'naga and the last shepherd of the Infinite Cycle.

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