Northdale [66, 30]
is a destroyed town located in the Eastern Plaguelands, north of Light's Hope Chapel and southeast of the entrance to Quel'Thalas. It is where Taelan Fordring renounced the Order of the Silver Hand and joined the Scarlet Crusade. The ruins are inhabited by banshees and invisible eyeless watchers, while the nearby lake is populated by corrupted water elementals.


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The town might in fact be Cinderhome. Rumors exist[citation needed] that the town may have changed its name after Taelan Fordring and the Scarlet Crusade fought to reclaim it from the undead (without any luck, however). Tirion Fordring also sends players here to recover a flag called the Symbol of Lost Honor that Taelan must have dropped in the nearby lake during the fight against the Scourge.

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