Nihil the Banished is a level ?? black dragon. He appears randomly in place of a quest enemy when the [Temporal Phase Modulator] from Alliance 15 [67] What Came First, the Drake or the Egg? is used.


Once released, he yells:

Muahahahaha! You fool! You've released me from my banishment in the interstices between space and time!
All of Draenor shall quake beneath my feet! I will destroy this world and reshape it in my image!
Where shall I begin? I cannot bother myself with a worm such as yourself. There is a world to be conquered!
No doubt the fools that banished me are long dead. I shall take wing and survey my new demesne. Pray to whatever gods you hold dear that we do not meet again.

He will then take flight and disappear into the skies. Nihil appears with a red name but is not a valid target for attacking at any point in time. However, the Temporal Phase Modulator can still be used on him, as with any enemy for the quest. If he is re-modulated at any point before he takes off, he will yell "NOOOOOOOoooooo..." and revert into one of the enemies for the quest, apparently banished once again.


  • Nihil means "nothing" in Latin.

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