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For the reputation faction, see The Nightfallen.
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The Nightfallen are exiled Nightborne from Suramar City, left to survive outside the protective walls. They are encountered within Azsuna and Suramar zones on the Broken Isles.

The nightborne punish crimes by expelling citizens from the city. Without the nourishment provided by the Arcwine of the Nightwell, nightborne soon find themselves starved and their appearance deteriorating into the nightfallen state. This state is not permanent however and can be recovered from with a return to Nightwell sustenance.

The Withered

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If a member of the Nightfallen goes for too long without any sort of arcane sustenance, they wither even further becoming fully corrupted, at this "stage 2" of the Nightfallen state, they are known as "The Withered" and at this point, are past the point of recovery, becoming mindless bestial-like shells of their former selves, found throughout the darkest reaches of Suramar - a state worse than death.

In Legion

World of Warcraft: Legion This section concerns content exclusive to Legion.

Players are able to interact and increase their reputation with "The Nightfallen" faction in Suramar. The faction is led by the First Arcanist Thalyssra who is in the nightfallen state on first contact. She assembles a resistance group of Nightfallen, Nightborne, and normal Night Elven survivors, operating a large resistance cell within Suramar City. Their goal is to liberate the city by overthrowing the rule of Grand Magistrix Elisande and destroying its Burning Legion occupiers.


  • Nightfallen in the withered state are often referred to as nightfallen by most of the denizens of Azeroth, but technically they are known as Withered - a mindless instinct driven state where the fallen nightborne has lost their reason.
  • Nightfallen and Withered are like Wretched, Blood Elf version of a creature depleted of magic.
  • The Azure flight and Khadgar on first encountering Withered refer to them as Nightfallen, the distinction between the first nightfallen stage and this stage 2 of Withered becomes clear a little further along the story when heroes begin their adventures in Suramar.
  • The withered state is thought to be a point of no return, but attempts continue to reverse this state. However, Nightfallen who have not withered can be reverted to their natural state when exposed to The Nightwell or a Moonwell. This is demonstrated by Thalyrssa's appearance as a night elf during The Nighthold raid.


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