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  • Night Elf Archaeology Fragment

Night Elf Archaeology Fragments are found with the [Survey] sub-skill of Archaeology.


Some of the best zones to find them are in Ashenvale and Darkshore of Kalimdor.

Ingredient for

Name Fragments Type
Highborne Pyxis 30 Common
Inlaid Ivory Comb 30 Common
Necklace with Elune Pendant 30 Common
Scandalous Silk Nightgown 30 Common
Cloak Clasp with Antlers 35 Common
Coin from Eldre'Thalas 35 Common
Delicate Music Box 35 Common
Green Dragon Ring 35 Common
Cracked Crystal Vial 35 Common
String of Small Pink Pearls 35 Common
Scepter of Xavius 35 Common
Kaldorei Amphora 35 Common
Hairpin of Silver and Malachite 35 Common
Shattered Glaive 35 Common
Highborne Soul Mirror 100 Rare
Kaldorei Wind Chimes 100 Rare
Druid and Priest Statue Set 100 Rare
Queen Azhara's Dressing Gown 100 Rare
Bones of Transformation 150 Rare
Tyrande's Favorite Doll 150 Rare
Wisp Amulet 150 Rare

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