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Picking a Server
Character Creation
Intro Fly-thru and Starting Areas
Name and selection circle colors
Getting Better
Obtaining Wealth
Fighting and Dying
Instanced Dungeons
Chat and Interface
Tips for New Players


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Newbie instance guide
Beginner's guide to professions


Finkle Einhorn, a friendly NPC

Pointer gauntlet 32x32 pointer to select over mobs or NPCs (pointer may change depending on type of target)

Friendly NPCs will have green names, neutral creatures will have yellow names, and hostile creatures will have red names.

Most NPCs you will first encounter should be friendly.

The first mobs you see will have yellow names. They are neutral and will not attack you until you attack them. Neutral creatures become hostile when attacked, but will revert to neutral if you go out of attack range for long enough. Soon enough, you will find hostile monsters that will attack you automatically when you get within a certain range called aggro radius. Almost all your kills will come from these hostiles. Later you may find unfriendly neutrals with their name in orange. They are like neutrals, but you cannot trade or talk to them. Usually they are members of a faction and if you do quests for them or kill their enemies, you'll get reputation...

Player characters of the same faction as you and their pets will generally have blue names. You may see that other players have red, yellow, or green names. For these conditions, see PvP flag.

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