This is an April Fools article

This article is a Blizzard April Fools joke. Its content is not part of official Warcraft lore, but represents one of Blizzard's jokes.

You've all seen the sneak-peek articles of the upcoming Player vs. Player Battlegrounds system in our recent web previews. We're now taking Battlegrounds in an entirely new direction. Many players noted that the Battlegrounds resemble some aspects of Warcraft 3. Then it hit us; Why reinvent the wheel? Why waste resources on a project we've already developed and perfected? The completely redesigned (and yet still very familiar) Battlegrounds system will allow us to better focus our efforts on creating game features that players really want, such as ordering various types of food in-game! You can see a preview of some upcoming intense Battleground PvP combat™ here.

We will continue to refine the implementation of this system over the coming year(s). You can view initial test gameplay screenshots of the Player vs. Player combat system below:


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