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Netherwing Egg

A Netherwing Egg


Netherwing Eggs has a chance of dropping from all creatures and item nodes on the Netherwing Ledge, in the Netherwing Mines or at the Dragonmaw Fortress of Shadowmoon Valley with a very low drop rate of 1% or less. They can also be found on the ground tucked under crystal clusters, in mining carts, through mining Nethercite Deposit, and gathering herbs from Netherdust Bush.

Their location is easily displayed by the tall pillar of violet smoke given off by the eggs, making their presence known from underneath rail tracks and over hills. Naturally, other players can see this as well, and competition for these can be fierce.

The Netherwing Egg respawns every hour, respawning in different places. Only two eggs respawn every hour in the Dragonmaw Fortress, five eggs at least in the Netherwing Mines (Exact number is unknown), and at least four eggs on the Netherwing Ledge. (Exact number is unknown)

A recommended method of obtaining the eggs is by going in the mines, mining all the Nethercite ore and killing all the Blood of Draenor you can find. Finding the egg is guaranteed to go much faster.

In Karazhan

They can drop from Boss 15 Netherspite in Karazhan.

As a quest objective

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