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Netherlight Temple is the Order Hall for the Ui-charactercreate-classes priest Priest class. It is initially under the control of a corrupted Naaru, NeutralNPCElite 15Saraka, Destroyer of Worlds, but priests help cleanse the being of the shadowy taint that consumes it, restoring it to its uncorrupted glory.[1] Of special note is that fact that Calia Menethil, sister to Arthas Menethil, reveals herself at last as alive and well, thanks to the efforts of Alonsus Faol.

The Temple is divided into three sections, each aligned with one of the priest specializations in name: the Hall of Balance, home of the forge for Artifact Weapons, the portal to Icon Legion 18x18 Dalaran, and Felsmith Workbenches; the Sanctuary of the Light, where the purified naaru now floats; and the Sanctuary of the Void.

Many types of priests can be found within the halls, kept under a watchful eye by the wandering Lightspawn. They include Anchorites, redeemed Crimson Priests, High priests, Shadow priests, Void priests, Hexpriests, and Priestesses of Elune.

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The temple was originally a prison in the Twisting Nether for a void god, Saraka. However, it was transformed into a temple after the holy light contributed by a great many priests transformed the void god back into a naaru, Saa'ra.[1]

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