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Nefarian (aka Blackwing), eldest son of the infamous Deathwing,[3] is a powerful black dragon who leads the black dragonflight on Azeroth. In his human guise, he is known as Lord Victor Nefarius, Lord of Blackrock. Holding the Blackrock clan and various clans of ogres under his dominion, Nefarian rules from his lair at the top of Blackrock Spire.

Nefarian speaks Common, Darnassian, Draconic, Dwarven, Goblin, Gnomish, Low Common, Orcish, Thalassian, and Zandali.[2] (MG 170-171)

Chris Metzen is believed to be the voice of Nefarian.[4]


The black dragonflight was among the greatest threats to mortal life the world has ever known. Led by the fallen Aspect, Deathwing, the black dragons ravaged and subverted the kingdoms of humanity and elves for generations. Yet, during the Battle of Grim Batol (nearly fifteen years ago), Deathwing was defeated by his fellow Aspects — though he managed to escape complete destruction at their hands. Whether he was eventually captured by the other Aspects or is merely hiding in seclusion, it is clear he has no direct control over his diabolical flight.

Since Deathwing's departure, his eldest children have arisen to lead their brethren and recoup their failing numbers. Deathwing's eldest son, the malicious and cunning Nefarian, has claimed the burning fortress of Blackrock Spire — and Blackwing Lair as his aerie.

Nefarian has been experimenting with the blood of all of the various dragonflights to create a chromatic dragonflight of unstoppable warriors. In this task he has succeeded his father, and aided by his sister, he plans to use them to rally the Black Dragonflight to his command.

In Blackrock, aided by his loyal dragonspawn, he fights a constant battle with Ragnaros and his forces for control of the mountain, and ultimately control of the entire region. To this end, he made efforts to bolster his forces like his father Deathwing in ages past. Nefarian delights in capturing Ragnaros’s elemental minions and using them for his own insidious purposes.

He has struck up an alliance with Rend Blackhand, though he only uses him and his Dark Horde to further his own goals. Nefarian's mad bid for dominance has even attracted the ire of the Red Dragonflight, in the form of the red dragon Vaelastrasz, which has always been the Black flight's greatest foe. Though Nefarian's intentions are known, the methods he is using to achieve them remain a mystery.

With the black dragonflight once again under solid leadership, and with the support of these new chromatic dragons, he plans to strike back against the other dragonflights, as well as the mortal nations of the world.

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm

Nefarion is still alive and will return in Cataclysm. He'll be located in Blackwing Descent. [5]

In combat


Nefarian depicted in World of Warcraft.

Nefarian usually enters combat in human form at first, summoning his many minions and allies while he wears down his enemies with powerful spells. If seriously threatened, he takes on his true form, using his shadow flame breath to incinerate anyone who is not properly protected. He uses his corrupted power ability to incapacitate whatever characters he feels are the greatest threat. If badly wounded, Nefarian uses his powerful magic to retreat. If prevented from retreating, he uses his most powerful spells and abilities to turn his enemies against each other, and to drain their health and spells while restoring his own. Nefarian’s breath, known as shadow flame, is among the deadliest of any dragon’s attacks. Any living target affected by Nefarian’s breath is set afire with shadow flame, taking terrible damage. The only protection from this attack is the scales of another powerful black dragon.


Victor nefarius

Nefarian's human form, Lord Victor Nefarius.

Over the years, Nefarian has been given a few names, including:


Dialogue with Rend Blackhand

Lord Victor Nefarius: Excellent... it would appear as if the meddlesome insects have arrived just in time to feed my legion. Welcome, mortals!
Lord Victor Nefarius: Let not even a drop of their blood remain upon the arena floor, my children. Feast on their souls!
Lord Victor Nefarius: Foolsss...Kill the one in the dress!
Warchief Rend Blackhand: Sire, let me join the fray! I shall tear their spines out with my bare hands!
Lord Victor Nefarius: Concentrate your attacks upon the healer!
Lord Victor Nefarius: Inconceivable!
Lord Victor Nefarius: Do not force my hand, children! I shall use your hides to line my boots.
Warchief Rend Blackhand: Defilers!
Warchief Rend Blackhand: Impossible!
Lord Victor Nefarius: Your efforts will prove fruitless. None shall stand in our way!
Lord Victor Nefarius: THIS CANNOT BE!!! Rend, deal with these insects.
Warchief Rend Blackhand: With pleasure...
Lord Victor Nefarius: The Warchief shall make quick work of you, mortals. Prepare yourselves!
Lord Victor Nefarius: Taste in my power! (upon buffing Gyth)
Lord Victor Nefarius: Your victory shall be short lived. The days of both the Alliance and Horde are coming to an end. The next time we meet shall be the last.

Quotes within Blackwing Lair

Corrupting Vaelastrasz:

  • Lord Victor Nefarius: Ah, the Heroes, you are persistent aren't you? Your Ally here attempted to match his power against mine....and paid the price. Now he shall serve me. By slaughtering you.
  • Lord Victor Nefarius: Get up little Red Wyrm, and destroy them!

Stealing the Red Scepter Shard:


Nefarian from a Hunter's Perspective

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