Nalpak is a level 14 quest giver located just inside the entrance to Wailing Caverns in the Horde-aligned territory of Northern Barrens.

Nalpak is one of the druids who remains in the Wailing Caverns, attempting to keep the dark monsters residing in the caverns contained and away from the Barrens. He is one of the older druids, one who escaped the fate of his companions. He mourns his friends and refuses to leave the caverns, feeling that he has some part of the responsibility of keeping the monsters within from streaming into Northern Barrens. If a druid wishing to receive training can make it to him, he accepts her immediately, believing that the student has undergone enough tests in simply getting to him. He is a tired yet determined druid, waiting for the right time to help his leader. (186 LoM)

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