This article concerns mythic creatures that have been referenced in Warcraft sources but which have no lore describing their existence as actual races.


Fountain of health

Fairies around a fountain of health

Fairies (a.k.a. faeries) are mentioned on several items and spells including Fairy's Embrace, Faerie-Kind Staff, and Faerie Fire.

We can also see them around fountains of health and fountains of mana in Warcraft III.


Gremlins are mentioned in Night of the Dragon, "Foul little gremlins!"[1] (NotD #?)


Fauns are mentioned in material concerning dryads. Most likely a typo of fawn. Dryads are said to have the lower bodies of woodland[2][3][4] gray fauns and the upper bodies (head, arms, and torso) of night elf women.[5][6][7] In mythology fauns are closer to satyr. They are bipeds with goat-like legs and goat horns on their heads.


Based on the context of the dryad descriptions, "faun" was most likely a misspelling of "fawn" a juvenile deer. In other sources dryads lower halves are described as being deer-like. There are probably no "fauns" in Warcraft lore. The term "faun" does not appear outside of the reference to dryads. The references to dryads and references to being deer-like are made within the dryad's Warcraft III gag quotes:

  • "I'm game." (A pun, referring to the fact that the dryad is half-deer, a game animal)
  • "Fear the fearsome fury of the forest fawn!"
  • "D'oh!" (Doe, a female deer)


Ouroboros is a mythological serpent swallowing its own tail.[1]

See Ouroboros Belt.


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