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Murloco's is known for having the best "fish" tacos in on Azeroth. Tired of eating cooked bear meat day after day? For years, the good folks at Murloco's Tacos have been serving quality Murloc dishes made from only the freshest ingredients. Hungry adventurers fly from the farthest-reaching zones to sample our cuisine. Not convinced? Take one bite of our zesty signature Murloco Taco Supreme and let your taste buds decide! They have restaurants in Undercity, Booty Bay, Orgrimmar, Gadgetzan, Exodar and Silvermoon.


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  • Murloco Taco Supreme - 20Silver
    Add Murloc Eyes - 14Copper
    Add Murloc Scales - 16Copper
  • Deviate Delight Burrito - 16Silver
  • Nat Pagle's Angler Surprise - 23Silver
  • Lil' Murky Kids Meal - 15Silver
  • Fish Oil
    Large - 82Copper
    Small - 64Copper




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