For the Warcraft III unit, see Murloc Huntsman.
For the Underworld Minion, see Murloc Huntsman (Underworld Minions).
Murloc Huntsman
Murloc Huntsman face

Murloc huntsmen are the standard adults of the race. They have glistening scales, and building luminous eyes. Their task is to seek and secure food for the rest of the village. Huntsmen may also trade with other races for information, food and other goods. They do not like being out of water, and suffer pain if not immersed daily.[1] (LoM 139) Murloc huntsmen prefer to fight from or in the water when possible. Though they are apparently comfortable walking or swimming. They use their speed and agility to dart around their foes, tossing weighted nets to bind them and then stabbing with nasty-looking barbed javelins. Huntsmen are neither brave nor stupid, and retreat when faced with a clearly superior foe.[1] (LoM 139)

Warcraft III

They are creeps found in various campaign levels and multiplayer maps.

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