Murkdeep is a level 19 murloc who spawns on the coast south of Auberdine in Darkshore.

Sentinel Glynda Nal'Shea will reward any Alliance who kill Murkdeep.


Murkdeep is not a regular mob, instead he's part of an event that takes place whenever anyone ventures between the three huts, near the bonfire, far south of Auberdine at the coast. When the event is triggered three level 13 murloc coastrunners will come out of the sea and attack. When these are killed two level 15-16 murlocs will come out. When these are eliminated Murkdeep himself will spawn in company of another level 15-16 murloc. Due to this amount of adds before fighting Murkdeep himself it is recommended to have a group before triggering the event.


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