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Mug’thol, a ferocious and crafty warlord, rules the Crushridge clan. The ogre’s hulking frame is covered in a mish-mash of scavenged bits of metal and trophies of war, held together by thick bands of sweat-drenched leather hide. He holds a massive tree branch in one hand, leaning it effortlessly against his shoulder. A gemstone covered crown sits awkwardly on his head, leaning slightly off to one side as if it doesn’t fit very well. Mug’thol likes to smash things. Although he has a certain amount of savvy when intimidating other creatures to do his bidding, he knows only one way to fight. He always uses full power attacks in combat, not realizing the disadvantage of doing so. He likes the sound that his club makes when striking metal, and he prioritizes his targets by how amusing he thinks they will be to hit. He typically prefers to strike at enemies with metal shields first, followed by those in suits of metal armor, and lastly those with metal weapons.[1] (LoC 86-87)

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Third War Edit

Mug'thol was an ogre from Draenor who fought during the Second War in the orcish Horde.[1] (LoC 86) When the Horde was defeated and scattered, Mug'thol was a member of the Stonemaul ogre clan. The clan apparently split into two, one group remained in Lordaeron under the leadership of Mug'thol while the other group traveled to Kalimdor and joined the New Horde.[2]

Mug'thol led his group of ogres in the Plaguelands and was preparing them for battle in the hills, however, he found himself caught in the middle of a battle between Sylvanas Windrunner and the Dreadlord Varimathras.

Sylvanas needing to bolster her forces, she raided one of Mug'thol's camp and discovered the clan. She then attacked Mug'thol's encampment and tried to posses him; Mug'thol warned her that she would fall, but Sylvanas had one of her banshee sisters to possess the ogre, who then declared that his allegiance was now to the "pretty ghost".[3]

The Crown of Will Edit

Later Mug'Thol and his ogre warband was sent to Alterac to retrieve the Crown of Will for Lady Sylvanas. Unfortunately, instead of returning it, he decided to try it on. The Crown of Will enabled him to resist the possession placed upon him to serve Lady Sylvanas and he defected, establishing himself and his band of ogres in the ruins of Alterac as the Crushridge ogres.[4]

Mug'thol has four loyal lieutenants: Muckrake, Targ, and Glommus and a powefull Ogre mage named Grel'borg the Miser

In World of Warcraft Edit

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Mug'thol can be found in the Alterac Mountains[42.6, 30.6]
among the snowy Ruins of Alterac. At one point there was a quest chain involving Mug'thol, but it was removed in Mists-Logo-Small Mists of Pandaria.

In Mists of Pandaria Edit

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The Crown of Will quest chain was removed.

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Warcraft III Edit

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Before Mug'thol has been possessed.

MUG'THOL: Me warlord Mug'thol! Me crush weak dead!

SYLVANAS: I think not.

After Mug'thol has been possessed.

SYLVANAS: Feel any better, Mug'thol?

MUG'THOL: Me serve pretty ghost now. Mug'thol's warriors serve too.

SYLVANAS: Glad to hear it. Let's move out!

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