Inv scroll 03

This item is provided and objective for Neutral 15 [37] The Spy Revealed!ω τ ϖ.


Day 1:
6am to 11am - upper camp
11am to 11:30 am- break, lunch
11:30am to 4:00pm - canyon pass
4:00pm to 7:30pm - upper camp

Day 2:
Same schedule as day 1

Day 3:
Same schedule

Day 4:
Same schedule, with one exception. Just before sunset, Thorsen had me cover for him as he crept down the canyon pass. I assumed he went to meet with our agents.

But he returned an hour later. This surprised me. I had hoped he met with our agents and would rejoin Kurzen. Something is wrong.

Day 5:
Thorsen was very agitated today. Whatever he saw or whomever he met during his excursion yesterday must have scared him.

I assumed our agents spoke with him, but when I asked Thorsen where he went while I covered for him, he remained quiet. He believes I am his friend, and he believes he is protecting me from a dangerous secret.

His loyalties are misplaced, but they are strong. When he rejoins us, he will be a valuable addition to Kurzen's forces.

Day 6:
Early in the morning, Thorsen spoke at length with Sergeant Yohwa. I had to pretend I still slept and so was unable to move within earshot. But I assume they spoke of Thorsen's earlier excursion.

I watched him closely at lunch and noticed Yohwa doing the same. Later, Doren summoned Thorsen. The three of them share a secret. Doren and Yohwa must know that Thorsen is meeting with your agents.

He is spying for the rebels.

We must give Thorsen no more intelligence, and we must kill him. He is of no more use to our Colonel.

I will put an end to Thorsen if given the opportunity, but if you receive this letter then you will know I have not yet had the chance.

In which case, I suggest Thorsen's next meeting with our agents is a fatal one.

Hail Kurzen,

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