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Mounts are fucking useless if you're a druid.
:''See [[mount (disambig)]] for a less gigantic list with specific lists.''
[[File:Reins of the Wooly Mammoth.jpg|thumb|280px|An undead riding his giant mammoth.]]
'''Mounts''' are a much sought after form of transportation in which players ride atop the backs of various more or less exotic beasts (or machines). They can be accessed via the [[Mounts and Pets window]]. [[Warlock]]s, [[paladin]]s and [[death knight]]s can learn to summon mounts as a class perk. The [[Alliance]] [[Worgen]] have a race skill [[Running Wild]] that they will get at level 20. [[Druid]]s can shape shift into multiple forms that improve their speed. Mounted travel is almost always faster than walking/running (some vanity mounts such as [[Sea Turtle (mount)|Sea Turtle]] provide no speed benefit on the ground). {{bc-inline}} [[World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade|''The Burning Crusade'']] introduced [[flying]] mounts in select areas, which further increased the maximum possible player movement speed. {{cata-inline}} [[World of Warcraft: Cataclysm|''Cataclysm'']] opened up much of [[Azeroth]] to flying mounts.
Mounts were generally expensive in the past, but their prices have been reduced while the training to ride them increased in order to compensate. However, some mounts do not cost any gold or other currencies (such as [[honor point]]s) and will drop at very low drop rates from bosses in instances such as [[Stratholme]], [[Zul'Gurub]], [[Eye (Tempest Keep)|Tempest Keep]], [[Magisters' Terrace]], [[Sethekk Halls]], [[Karazhan]], and [[Utgarde Pinnacle]]. There are numerous other methods to obtain mounts as well, such as class quests, completing [[achievement]]s, and even a select few rare spawns drop mounts.
Mounts have a 1.5 second cast time, which will be interrupted by taking any damage, moving, or entering combat. Mounts also have a special emote that can be seen by either jumping (the {{keypress|Space}} key by default) while not moving or performing the <code>/[[mountspecial]]</code> slash command. For example hawkstriders will shriek and horses will rear up on their hind legs.
== Riding skills and abilities ==
''See Also: [[Riding]]''<br/>
NOTE: After {{cata-inline}} Cataclysm, speed is not based on mount class but only on riding skill.
[[File:Beebonmount.jpg|thumb|150px|A Human Mage riding a Swift White Steed, an Alliance Epic Mount.]]
[[File:Warhorse-charger.jpg|thumb|150px|Blood Knights riding their Horde paladin mounts.]]
There are a total of five classes of mounts:<br/>
{|class="darktable zebra ww-compact" style="margin:auto 0; text-align:right; padding:3px;"
!Class !! Quality !! Ground !! Air !! Water
{{!}}align="left"{{!}}[[Ground mount]]s {{!!}} {{q|Rare}}/{{q|Epic}} {{!!}} 60% {{!!}} &mdash; {{!!}} 0%
{{!}}align="left"{{!}}[[Flying mount]]s {{!!}} {{q|Rare}}/{{q|Epic}} {{!!}} 100% {{!!}} 150% {{!!}} &mdash;
{{!}}align="left"{{!}}[[Amphibious mount]]s {{!!}} {{q|Rare}}/{{q|Epic}} {{!!}} 0% {{!!}} &mdash; {{!!}} 250%
{{!}}align="left"{{!}}[[Aquatic mount]]s {{!!}} {{q|Rare}}/{{q|Epic}} {{!!}} &mdash; {{!!}} &mdash; {{!!}} 100%/350%
{{!}}align="left"{{!}}[[Vanity mount]]s {{!!}} {{quality|Rare}}/{{quality|Epic}} {{!!}} 0% {{!!}} &mdash; {{!!}} 0%
Ground mounts cannot fly, but flying mounts are able to run (or fly) along the ground in areas where flight is prohibited. Both flying and ground mounts can swim (but not any faster than swimming without a mount). Aquatic mounts can walk on land (but not any faster than walking without the mount). [[#Vanity mounts|Vanity mounts]] confer no benefits (and thus, require no riding skill or character level).}}
===General Riding Skill===
There are five general tiers of riding which can be learned from trainers as a character increases in level. These become available for characters to train once they meet the particular level requirements. The speed of a character's mounts generally increases with each tier of riding skill, while some tiers of riding grant the ability to ride flying mounts. The general riding skills are:
*Apprentice: Level 20
*Journeyman: Level 40
*Expert: Level 60
*Artisan: Level 70
*Master: Level 80
===Class-Specific Riding Skills===
At level 40, paladins and warlocks can learn {{ability|Summon Charger}} and {{ability|Dreadsteed}} from their class trainers after learning the Journeyman riding skill from the riding trainer. There is no need to purchase a new mount. [[Death knight]]s receive their epic ground mount, the {{ability|Acherus Deathcharger (ability)|Acherus Deathcharger}}, after the completion of the quests {{quest|Grand Theft Palomino}} and {{quest|Into the Realm of Shadows}} at level 55. Druids can learn {{ability|Flight Form}} from any flight trainer at level 58.
=== Unlocking flight in specific areas ===
In areas where flying is allowed, a character typically needs to train a specific {{proflink|icon=|Riding}} skill in order to unlock the ability to fly in that region. These types of skills and their requirements can be found in the table below.
=== Riding Skills===
{| class="darktable zebra ww-compact" style="margin:auto 0; padding:3px;"
! colspan="2" rowspan="2" | Proficiency
! colspan="2" | Cost
! +Speed
! rowspan="2" | Required for
! rowspan="2" | Requires
!Skill !! Mounts !! Air
{{!}} 75 {{!!}} Apprentice {{!!}}align="right"{{!}} {{cost|4}} {{!!}}align="right"{{!}} {{cost|1}} {{!!}}align="right"{{!}} 60% {{!!}} Rare land mounts {{!!}} Level 20
{{!}} 150 {{!!}} Journeyman {{!!}}align="right"{{!}} {{cost|50}} {{!!}}align="right"{{!}} {{cost|10}} {{!!}}align="right"{{!}} 100% {{!!}} Epic land mounts {{!}} Level 40
{{!}} 225 {{!!}} Expert {{bc-inline}} {{!!}}align="right"{{!}} {{cost|250}} {{!!}}align="right"{{!}} {{cost|50}} {{!!}}align="right"{{!}} 150% {{!!}} Rare flying mounts {{!!}} Level 60
{{!}} 300 {{!!}} Artisan {{bc-inline}} {{!!}}align="right"{{!}} {{cost|5000}}<ref>As low as {{cost|3750}} with reputation discounts.</ref> {{!!}}align="right"{{!}} {{cost|100}} {{!!}}align="right"{{!}} 280% {{!!}} Epic flying mounts {{!!}} Level 70
{{!}} 375 {{!!}} Master {{c-inline}} {{!!}}align="right"{{!}} {{cost|5000}}<ref>As low as {{cost|3750}} with reputation discounts.</ref> {{!!}}align="right"{{!}} &mdash; {{!!}}align="right"{{!}} 310% {{!!}} Extremely fast speed {{!!}} Level 80
{{!}} colspan="2"{{!}} {{ability|Flight Master's License}} {{c-inline}} {{!!}}align="right"{{!}} {{cost|250}} {{!!}}align="right"{{!}} &mdash; {{!!}}align="right"{{!}} &mdash; {{!!}} Flying in [[Eastern Kingdoms]], [[Kalimdor]] and [[Deepholm]] {{!!}} Level 60 &amp; 225 skill
{{!}} colspan="2"{{!}} {{ability|Cold Weather Flying}} {{wotlk-inline}} {{!!}}align="right"{{!}} {{cost|500}} {{!!}}align="right"{{!}} &mdash; {{!!}}align="right"{{!}} &mdash; {{!!}} Flying in [[Northrend]] {{!!}} Level 68 &amp; 225 skill
{{!}} colspan="2"{{!}} {{ability|Wisdom of the Four Winds}} {{mists-inline}} {{!!}}align="right"{{!}} {{cost|2500}} {{!!}}align="right"{{!}} &mdash; {{!!}}align="right"{{!}} &mdash; {{!!}} Flying in [[Pandaria]] {{!!}} Level 90 &amp; 225 skill
{{!}} colspan="2"{{!}} {{ability|Cloud Serpent Riding}} {{mists-inline}} {{!!}}align="right"{{!}} {{cost|}} {{!!}}align="right"{{!}} &mdash; {{!!}}align="right"{{!}} &mdash; {{!!}} <strike>Flying [[Cloud Serpent mounts]]</strike><br/> (requirement removed in [[Patch 6.0.2]]) {{!!}} Level 90 &amp; 225 skill
{{!}} colspan="2"{{!}} {{ability|Draenor Flying}} {{warlords-inline}} {{!!}}align="right"{{!}} {{cost|}} {{!!}}align="right"{{!}} &mdash; {{!!}}align="right"{{!}} &mdash; {{!!}} Flying in [[Draenor]] {{!!}} {{Achievement|Draenor Pathfinder}}
{{!}} colspan="2"{{!}} {{ability|Broken Isles Flying}} {{Legion-inline}} {{!!}}align="right"{{!}} {{cost|}} {{!!}}align="right"{{!}} &mdash; {{!!}}align="right"{{!}} &mdash; {{!!}} Flying in the [[Broken Isles]]{{!!}} {{Achievement|Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part One}}<br/>{{Achievement|Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part Two}} ([[Patch 7.2]])
== Available mounts ==
The tables below are separated based on mount source, such as purchase requirements, killing specific creatures, participating in world events, completing achievements or more.
=== Racial mounts ===
{{ajaxsub|Racial|label=Racial Mounts|nonlist=list of racial mounts|align=center}}
[[File:Greyridingyak2.jpg|thumb|The face of a Grey Riding Yak.]]
Racial land mounts are typically the first mounts players will acquire. To purchase a racial land mount, players must either purchase their race's mount (such as horses for humans, or wolves for orcs), or gain [[exalted]] standing with that race's representative faction (such as exalted with [[Darnassus]] to purchase sabers). Flying mounts do not require any reputation rating.
In the initial release of {{cata-inline}} Cataclysm, the [[worgen]] did not get a racial mount, but instead used the ability {{ability|Running Wild}} to achieve mount-like speeds. However, a [[mountain horse]] mount (regular and swift) was added in [[Patch 4.3]] as the worgen racial mount.
=== Class-specific mounts ===
{{ajaxsub|Class|label=Class-Specific Mounts|nonlist=list of class-specific mounts|align=center}}
[[File:Azurecloudserpent.jpg|thumb|An Azure Cloud Serpent.]]
There are four classes in the game that can acquire special mounts and abilities linked to their own class through lore: [[death knight]]s, [[druid]]s, [[paladin]]s, and [[warlock]]s. The original quests to gain the paladin charger, warlock dreadsteed, and druid's swift flight form are all still in-game and reward feats of strength if they are completed. The aforementioned quests are not required to learn the ability, however, and are on the class trainers at the level listed in the table.
Druid and paladin abilities are slightly different based on race and faction. For example, the Alliance charger is blue and golden, while the Horde version is red and bronze. Similarly, night elf druids are black in flight form, while tauren are tan. With [[World of Warcraft: Cataclysm|''Cataclysm'']], it seems that [[tauren]] and [[draenei]] paladins will not be getting chargers, but special types of Kodo and Elekk mounts, respectively.<ref>[ Tauren Paladin lvl20/40 mounts] #23 by [ Kisirani] - 2009/09/19 04:04:43 AM </ref><ref>[ Pally Mounts] #2 by [ Vrakthris] - 2011/02/14 11:58:46 PM </ref>
=== PvP mounts ===
{{ajaxsub|PvP|label=PvP Mounts|nonlist=list of PvP mounts|align=center}}
PvP mounts can be obtained by exchanging [[honor point]]s or other world PvP currency. For [[Arena PvP system|Arena]] rewards, see the [[#Arena System reward mounts|Arena]] section.
=== Quest reward mounts ===
{{ajaxsub|Quest|label=Quest Reward Mounts|nonlist=list of quest reward mounts|align=center}}
Some laborious or involved quest chains reward mounts.
=== Faction reward mounts ===
{{ajaxsub|Faction Reward|label=Faction Reward Mounts|nonlist=list of faction reward mounts|align=center}}
As a reward for gaining high reputation standing with various factions, players can purchase mounts. Such high reputation is a function of large quantities of time.
===Rare drop mounts===
{{ajaxsub|Rare Drop|label=Rare Drop Mounts|nonlist=list of rare drop mounts|align=center}}
Rarely, specific creatures will drop a mount as a reward. If the mount drops, only ''one'' mount will appear per kill, no matter the size of the party or raid killing the creature. Also, mounts may rarely be inside other containers rewarded for doing other objectives.
=== Guaranteed drop mounts ===
{{ajaxsub|Guaranteed Drop|label=Guaranteed Drop Mounts|nonlist=list of guaranteed drop mounts|align=center}}
[[File:Time-Lost_Proto-Drake.jpg|thumb|The Time-lost Proto Drake.]]
A guaranteed drop mount will result in ''one'' mount being awarded upon killing the specified creature under the condition listed, regardless of the size of the party or raid. For mounts rewarded such that everyone who completes the achievement gets the mount, see the "[[#Achievement system mounts|Achievements]]" section. There is no direct achievement for killing the Time-Lost Proto-Drake; the hard part is actually finding the drake alive.
=== Crafted mounts ===
{{ajaxsub|Profession|label=Profession Mounts|nonlist=list of profession mounts|align=center}}
Mounts can also be created by players via [[profession]]s. Typically such mounts are a perk of the profession and are not available to other players, but a few are.
=== Purchasable mounts ===
These mounts are available to all players, with no requirements outside of gold or emblems.
==== General mounts ====
{{ajaxsub|General Vendor|label=General Vendor Mounts|nonlist=list of general vendor mounts|align=center}}
==== Argent Tournament mounts ====
{{ajaxsub|Argent Tournament|label=Argent Tournament Mounts|nonlist=list of Argent Tournament mounts|align=center}}
A major draw of the [[Argent Tournament]] is the large quantity of mounts rewarded in exchange for {{loot|common|Champion's Seal}}s.
=== Amphibious mounts ===
{{main|Amphibious mount}}
[[Amphibious mount]]s confer a slight increase in swim speed, but move no faster than walking while on land. Amphibious mounts do not give their riders the ability to [[breath|breathe underwater]], so plan accordingly with one of appropriate items or abilities.
{| class="darktable zebra" style="margin:auto 0;"
! colspan="2" rowspan="2" |Mount
! colspan="2" |+Speed
! rowspan="2" |Source
! rowspan="2" |Riding skill
!Water !! Land
| rowspan="1" class="alt" | {{Neutral}}
| {{item|icon=|Sea Turtle (mount)|Sea Turtle}} {{Wotlk-inline}}
| 250% || 0%
| [[Fishing]] in [[Fishing pool#Northrend Schools|Northrend fishing pools]] and {{proflink|icon=|Fishing|Fishing-related}} [[quest reward]]s
| Apprentice (75)
=== Aquatic mounts ===
{{main|Aquatic mount}}
{{for|the Subdued Abyssal Seahorse|Mount#Quest reward mounts{{!}}quest rewards}}
{{for|the Subdued Seahorse|Mount#Guaranteed_drop_mounts{{!}}Guaranteed drop mounts}}
[[Aquatic mount]]s confer an increase in swim speed, but cannot be used at all on land. Aquatic mounts do not give their riders the ability to [[breath|breathe underwater]], so plan accordingly with one of appropriate items or abilities.
{| class="darktable zebra" style="margin:auto 0;"
! colspan="2" rowspan="2" |Mount
! colspan="2" |+Speed
! rowspan="2" |Source
! rowspan="2" |Riding skill
!Water !! Land
| rowspan="5" class="alt" | {{Neutral}}
|<!--{{RaceIconExt|}}--> {{item|icon=|Brinedeep Bottom-Feeder}} {{legion-inline}}
|Purchased from {{NPC||Conjurer Margoss}} on The [[Broken Shore]]
|Expert (225)
|<!--{{RaceIconExt|}}--> {{item|icon=|Darkwater Skate}} {{legion-inline}}
|Purchased from {{NPC||Galissa Sundew|Fishing Prizes}} on [[Darkmoon Island]]
|Expert (225)
|<!--{{RaceIconExt|}}--> {{item|icon=|Fathom Dweller}} {{legion-inline}}
|Drop from {{mob|elite=|rare=|Kosumoth the Hungering}}
|Expert (225)
|{{RaceIconExt|Seahorse}}{{loot|rare|Subdued Abyssal Seahorse}} {{cata-inline}}
|350% only in [[Vashj'ir]]
|Reward from {{questlong|Neutral|81|The Abyssal Ride}}
|Expert (225)
|{{RaceIconExt|Seahorse}} {{loot|epic|Reins of Poseidus|Subdued Seahorse}} {{cata-inline}}
|Drop from {{NPC||Poseidus}}
|Expert (225)
=== Achievement system mounts ===
{{ajaxsub|Achievement|label=Achievement Mounts|nonlist=list of achievement mounts|align=center}}
These mounts are obtainable by completing certain [[achievement]]s. As part of completing the achievement, the mount will be mailed directly to the player, or available for purchase at select locations.
=== Holiday mounts ===
{{ajaxsub|Holiday|label=Holiday Mounts|nonlist=list of holiday mounts|align=center}}
There are several disguises and time-limited items that are available during holidays. Disguises simply turn the player's mount into something "more festive" like a kodo or a reindeer but do not otherwise affect mount mechanics. Time-limited items exist only during the duration of the holiday itself. Previously, time-limited items had a set time such as seven or 14 days, but were changed to be directly tied to the holiday.
Back during [[Brewfest]] 2007, an {{loot|common|Honorary Brewer Hand Stamp|"Honorary Brewer" Hand Stamp}} was available for purchase and granted access to the {{loot|rare|Brewfest Ram}} and {{loot|epic|Swift Brewfest Ram}} vendors. {{NPC||Coren Direbrew}} (the holiday boss in the [[Grim Guzzler]] of [[Blackrock Depths]]) had not yet been implemented, so completing the quest was the only way to get the mounts. The hand stamp was removed for the 2008 Brewfest and the Swift Brewfest Ram added to Coren Direbrew's loot table (along with the new {{loot|epic|Great Brewfest Kodo}}), but the 60%-speed Brewfest Ram can no longer be purchased except by players who completed the Hand Stamp quest.
=== Outside of game mounts ===
{{ajaxsub|Outside Game|label=Outside Game Mounts|nonlist=list of mounts obtained outside of the game|align=center}}
[[File:HeartoftheAspects2.jpg|thumb|A Tauren riding a Heart of the Aspects]]
[[File:Blazing Hippogrpyh.jpg|thumb|A Blazing Hippogryph mount]]
The mounts in previous sections are acquired using solely in-game means. The mounts that follow require some real-world interactions, such as getting a rare loot card in the TCG, going to BlizzCon, the [[Recruit-A-Friend program]], sending a [[Scroll of Resurrection]], or purchasing mounts from the Blizzard Store.
== Passenger mounts ==
{{main|:Category:World of Warcraft passenger mounts|label1=World of Warcraft passenger mounts category}}
* {{alliance}} {{item|icon=|Reins of the Grand Black War Mammoth (Alliance)|Grand Black War Mammoth}}
* {{horde}} {{item|icon=|Reins of the Grand Black War Mammoth (Horde)|Grand Black War Mammoth}}
* {{item|icon=|Reins of the Grand Expedition Yak|Grand Expedition Yak}}
* {{alliance}} {{item|icon=|Reins of the Grand Ice Mammoth (Alliance)|Grand Ice Mammoth}}
* {{horde}} {{item|icon=|Reins of the Grand Ice Mammoth (Horde)|Grand Ice Mammoth}}
* {{item|icon=|Mechano-hog}}
* {{item|icon=|Mekgineer's Chopper}}
* {{item|icon=|Heart of the Nightwing|Obsidian Nightwing}}
* {{item|icon=|Vial of the Sands|Sandstone Drake}}
* {{alliance}} {{item|icon=|Reins of the Traveler's Tundra Mammoth (Alliance)|Traveler's Tundra Mammoth}}
* {{horde}} {{item|icon=|Reins of the Traveler's Tundra Mammoth (Horde)|Traveler's Tundra Mammoth}}
* {{item|icon=|X-53 Touring Rocket}}
== Retired mounts ==
=== Arena System reward mounts ===
{{ajaxsub|Arena|label=Arena Mounts|nonlist=list of arena-reward mounts|align=center}}
At the end of each [[Arena PvP system|Arena season]], the top 0.5% of teams in the 3v3 and 5v5 bracket each battlegroup are rewarded with a 310% speed flying mount. Such mounts are inherently time-limited and are not currently available.
=== Removed from game mounts ===
{{ajaxsub|Removed|label=Removed Mounts|nonlist=list of mounts removed from the game|align=center}}
These mounts are no longer obtainable in the game.
== Flying mounts in Kalimdor & Eastern Kingdoms ==
[[File:Stormwind City from above pre-Cataclysm.jpg|thumb|With careful use of [[Eagle Eye]] or [[Far Sight]], it is possible to see why Flying Mounts were not allowed in the old world until the Cataclysm expansion.]]
At [[BlizzCon 2009]] it was revealed that flying mounts would be available in some form to use in [[Kalimdor]] and the [[Eastern Kingdoms]] with the release of the next expansion, titled "Cataclysm". Blizzard officials had previously stated that it was unlikely that they would allow flying mounts in these continents, since doing so would require them to re-design the continents with flying mounts in mind.
Throughout the first few years of ''World of Warcraft'' (up to and including [[World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King|''Wrath of the Lich King'']]), the [[Eastern Kingdoms]] and [[Kalimdor]] were unsuitable for flying mounts; there were visual glitches like mountains and high buildings whose tops could not be seen from ground-level, and places where the terrain abruptly changed from one tileset to another, creating a grossly unrealistic appearance in some areas. There were also zones which should have existed lore-wise, but were empty and unfinished.
With the release of [[World of Warcraft: Cataclysm|''Cataclysm'']], rebuilding the continents is precisely what zone developers did, allowing players to finally see the world of Azeroth from above.
== Vanity mounts ==
{{main|Vanity mount}}
[[Vanity mount]]s only exist to put the player on a mount. They confer generally no bonuses to movement speed, and thus require no riding skill. The two non-temporary, vanity mounts are the {{loot|uncommon|Rickety Magic Broom}}, a fairly common reward for completing daily quests during [[Hallow's End]], and the {{loot|epic|Riding Turtle}}, available from the [[TCG]].
== Media ==
=== Videos ===
== Media ==
=== Videos ===
;Circa {{Battle-inline}}
:''Although created by {{wwicon|youtube}} [ BellularGaming], these videos were posted on the official {{wwicon|wow}}{{wwicon|youtube}} [ WorldofWarcraft] channel.''
<gallery captionalign="center" columns="2" hideaddbutton="true" position="center" widths="320px">
File:Leveling_up_%26_Mounts_-_New_%26_Returning_Player_Guides_by_Bellular|Aug 28, 2018
;Circa {{Legion-inline}}
<gallery captionalign="center" position="center">
== Notes ==
* Mounts have a [[mountspecial|special emote]] they can do: This can be invoked while motionless on the ground, either by the <code>/mountspecial</code> slash command, or by pressing the {{keypress|Space}} key
* Flying mounts can perform a loop! Press Pitch Up or Pitch Down (normally {{keypress|Ins}} and {{keypress|Del}}) while in flight to perform a loop. On a Mac, the {{keypress|Help}} key, or the {{keypress|Fn|Del}} combination (on the laptop) will start it.
** Additionally, while in a loop, you can use your strafe keys.
== Patch history ==
=== Legion ===
=== Warlords of Draenor ===
*{{patch 6.2.2|note=Flying has been enabled on Draenor for characters that have attained the [[Account-wide achievements|account-wide achievement]], {{achievement|Draenor Pathfinder}}}}
=== Mists of Pandaria ===
*{{patch 5.2.0|note=Upon reaching level 20 and level 60, characters will automatically receive a new quest directing them to visit the racial riding trainer and mount vendors.}}
*{{Patch 5.0.1|note=Most mounts will be [[Account-wide mounts]].}}
=== Cataclysm ===
*{{patch 4.2.0|note={{alliance}} {{loot|Epic|Vicious War Steed}} or {{horde}} {{loot|Epic|Vicious War Wolf}} awarded for winning 75, 150, or 300 [[rated battleground]]s.}}
*{{Patch 4.0.1|note=All mounts now scale to the appropriate riding skill. This means that all 310% speed mounts earned from achievements or were awarded from this patch onward are 280% in order to match the current max riding skill, Artisan. Players who already have a 310% mount are grandfathered into the system.|comment=PvP mounts now cost {{cost|h=2,000}}}}
*{{Patch 4.0.1|note=Mounts that are both ground and flying will no longer need to be dismounted and then re-mounted to switch between types. This will now be automatic.}}
=== Wrath of the Lich King ===
*{{Patch 3.3.3|note=Battlegrounds will no longer award Marks of Honor. Items which previously required Marks of Honor will have their costs adjusted to remove these requirements.|comment=PvP mounts now cost {{cost|h=50,000}}}}
*{{Patch 3.3.0|note=Knockbacks no longer dismount players. If on a flying mount, you will be knocked back a short distance before being able to resume flying.}}
*{{Patch 3.2.2|note=Undocumented change|comment=The riding trainers in Thrallmar and Honor Hold are now part of the Orgrimmar and Stormwind factions respectively. Note also that this change doesn't apply to trainers in Northrend.}}
*{{Patch 3.2.0|note=
** The cast time for summoning any ground {{text|blizz|or flying}}<ref>{{ref web
|date=2009-07-11 01:06:14
|title=Re: Flying mount changes latest PTR patch?
|author={{Blizz}} [[Zarhym]]
|url=}}</ref> mount is now 1.5 seconds, down from 3 seconds.
** Apprentice Riding (Skill 75): Can now be learned at level 20 for {{cost|4}}. Mail will be sent to players who reach level 20 directing them to the riding trainer.
** Journeyman Riding (Skill 150): Can now be learned at level 40 for {{cost|50}}. Mail will be sent to players who reach level 40 directing them back to the riding trainer.
** Expert Riding (Skill 225): Can now be learned at level 60 for {{cost|600}} from trainers in [[Honor Hold]] or [[Thrallmar]]. Faction discounts now apply (Honor Hold for Alliance; Thrallmar for Horde). Flight speed at this skill level has been increased to 150% of run speed, up from 60%.
** Artisan Riding (Skill 300): Faction discounts now apply (Honor Hold or [[Valiance Expedition]] for Alliance; Thrallmar or [[Warsong Offensive]] for Horde).
** Flying over [[Dalaran]] and [[Wintergrasp]] is now possible so long as players keep a healthy distance above the ground.}}
**The [[Ravasaur Trainers|ravasaur trainer]] {{NPC||Mor'vek}} has returned to [[Un'Goro Crater|Un'Goro]] and will offer to help Horde players raise and train a {{loot|epic|Whistle of the Venomhide Ravasaur|Venomhide Ravasaur}} as a mount... if they can survive the creature's deadly poison.
*{{Patch 3.1.0|note=All Ground Mounts may now swim without dismounting the rider. Flying Mounts still may NOT, and will dismount the rider upon entering water.}}
*{{Patch 3.0.8|note=Racial restrictions on mounts have now been lifted. Night elves on [[mechanostrider mounts|mechanostriders]]? Tauren on [[raptor mounts|raptors]]? You're not seeing things.}}
*{{Patch 3.0.2|note=
**Mounting is now permitted in [[Temple of Ahn'Qiraj|Ahn'Qiraj]].
**New Vanity Pet and Mount changes: Players will now be able to access their [[companion|non-combat pets]] and mounts by clicking on the pets tab in the Character Info panel. These pets and mounts will be now learnable much like spells or abilities. Once a vanity pet or mount is learned, the icon will disappear from within a player's inventory and reappear in the appropriate tab under the pet tab under Character Info. Say goodbye to your vanity pets and mounts taking up bag and bank slots! Lost pets and mounts (one time quest rewards) can be recovered by visiting a [[Stable master|stablemaster]].
=== Burning Crusade ===
*{{Patch 2.4.3|note=Mounts at 30?! Yes, it's true: Apprentice Riding and mounts are now available at level 30. Training costs {{cost|35}}.}}
*{{Patch 2.3.0|note={{NPC||Nutral}}, the [[flight master]] in [[Shattrath City]], now has a quest for characters who are level 70 and do not yet have a riding skill of 225. The quest will direct a character to visit the appropriate riding instructor in [[Shadowmoon Valley]] so that the player will know where they can purchase the skill necessary to use a flying mount.}}
*{{Patch 2.1.0|note=
**Swift Flying Mounts: All the swift flying mounts will now display as epic items, rather than superior-quality items.
**Using abilities and casting spells that cannot be used while mounted will now auto-dismount players as needed. This can be disabled by turning off the auto-dismount option in the UI options.
**New Lua conditional <code>[flyable]</code> which is true if you're in a location where you could use a flying mount.}}
*{{Patch 2.0.3|note=New macro command: <code>/dismount</code>}}
*{{Patch 2.0.1|note=Honor system revamp|comment=[[#PvP mounts|PvP mounts]] no longer limited to rank 11s, now available for {{cost|wsg=30|ab=30|av=30}} each.}}
=== Classic ===
*{{Patch 1.12.1|note=The riding skill has been changed. A riding skill of 75 is now needed to ride level 40 mounts and a skill of 150 for level 60 mounts. Those that already have mounts will automatically be granted the appropriate level skill.}}
*{{Patch 1.12.0|note=The Items that summon mounts have been changed in their color/quality. Items that summon normal mounts are now {{quality|rare|rare|blue (superior)}} items and items that summon swift mounts are now {{quality|epic|epic|purple (epic)}} items.}}
*{{Patch 1.6.0|note=Clarified the error message when trying to attack while mounted.}}
*{{Patch 1.5.0|note=Many of the Swift Mounts have gained eye glows and some have had other tweaks made to them to improve their looks.}}
*{{Patch 1.4.0|note=Level 60 mounts purchased at vendors now have a whole new look. Faster undead mounts already have a different look and so have not changed. The new mounts can be seen standing near the mount vendors. If you have one of the old fast mounts, you can exchange it for one with a new look at the mount vendor.}}
*{{Patch 1.3.0|note=Mounts now are Horde or Alliance restricted in the tooltip. We do not intend to allow Horde players to ride Alliance vendor-purchased mounts and vice versa.}}
*{{Patch 1.2.0|note=Players will now be able to purchase and train mounts from other races in their faction. However, you will first need to obtain "{{reputation|Exalted}}" reputation status with that race in order to do so. Mounts of the opposing faction are not available for purchase.}}
*{{Patch 1.1.0|note=[[Tauren]] players will no longer have the {{ability|Plainsrunning}} ability, due to the availability of Kodo mounts! Tauren players can purchase the Kodo mount at [[Bloodhoof Village|Bloodhoof village]].}}
== References ==
== See also ==
* If you want to get a head start, read a [[Guide for preparing to buy a mount|Guide for Preparing to Buy a Mount]].
* [[Locations_of_fixed_devices|Locations of fixed devices]] throughout Azeroth, including where to purchase mounts.
* [[Mounts and Pets window]]
* {{proflink|icon=|Riding}} skill
* [[:Category:Transportation|Transportation category]] for a detailed list of methods of transportation in WoW.
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