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=== Holiday mounts ===
=== Holiday mounts ===
{{ajaxsub|Holiday|label=Holiday Mounts|nonlist=list of holiday mounts|align=center}}
{{:Holiday mounts}}
There are several disguises and time-limited items that are available during holidays. Disguises simply turn the player's mount into something "more festive" like a kodo or a reindeer but do not otherwise affect mount mechanics. Time-limited items exist only during the duration of the holiday itself. Previously, time-limited items had a set time such as seven or 14 days, but were changed to be directly tied to the holiday.
Back during [[Brewfest]] 2007, an {{loot|common|Honorary Brewer Hand Stamp|"Honorary Brewer" Hand Stamp}} was available for purchase and granted access to the {{loot|rare|Brewfest Ram}} and {{loot|epic|Swift Brewfest Ram}} vendors. {{NPC||Coren Direbrew}} (the holiday boss in the [[Grim Guzzler]] of [[Blackrock Depths]]) had not yet been implemented, so completing the quest was the only way to get the mounts. The hand stamp was removed for the 2008 Brewfest and the Swift Brewfest Ram added to Coren Direbrew's loot table (along with the new {{loot|epic|Great Brewfest Kodo}}), but the 60%-speed Brewfest Ram can no longer be purchased except by players who completed the Hand Stamp quest.
=== Outside of game mounts ===
=== Outside of game mounts ===
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