Mother Smolderweb is a level 59 elite spider mini-boss found in Lower Blackrock Spire.


Ability creature poison 02  [Mother's Milk]ω ϖPoisons nearby enemies. Until the poison is entirely removed from the bloodstream by a knowledgeable medical professional, it will periodically immobilize a poisoned individual and any nearby allies.

Spell shadow teleport  [Crystalize]ω ϖ—Stuns the target for 5 secs

Spell frost frostshock  [Summon Spire Spiderling]ω ϖ—3 Spire Spiderlings hatch, attacking any nearby prey.


It is not feasible to complete this quest on a full clear of the instance. The debuff is too cumbersome to leave uncured. Players who wish to complete the quest should form a group that agrees in advance to leave the instance immediately after encountering Mother Smolderweb.

An alternative to this is set temporarily your hearth to a spot with an FP near Blackrock, then notify your group that you wish to turn in the quest. Once you get the debuff, hearth out, run over and hand in, then head back to the instance. This is more time-consuming, but avoids having to only run a half instance.


Inv gauntlets 29
Inv misc gem pearl 01
Inv wand 10
Inv boots 08

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