For the mob, See Moonkin

A Tauren druid as a Moonkin next to a wild Moonkin

Moonkin are large, flightless, sapient bird-like humanoids native to the night elf areas in northern Kalimdor. Sometimes called an "owlbear", these large bipedal creatures have the size of an upright walking bear, but with bird-like features such as a beak, feathers, and flightless wings. They also drop eggs of various sorts. They are related to the Wildkin. All druids must fight a moonkin named Lunaclaw in order to earn their Bear Form, and if they choose a seventh tier talent in the Balance tree druids can assume Moonkin Form themselves, a form nicknamed "Boomkin, or Oomkin,or Doomkin, .

With the release of cataclysm, worgen balance druids have been dubbed as "howlkin" in pvp, which sounds like owlkin, a cousin of the moonkin, and "howlbeast" is becoming a common name for worgen balance druids, with it sounding like owlbeast.

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